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Movement, The Most Necessary Thing for Human Existence

by Tatiana Plesco
Human Existence

Roaming the forests, with their endless transmutations, nomadic ancestors have laid the groundwork for some genetic and anatomical traits defining for the future generations.

Just when I began to become sedentary we humans started we use the body. Earthwork through everything involved in it as an activity offered a wide spectrum of aerobic exercise needed for our State of health. As the industrial revolution occurred in the 19th century, most people began to migrate towards towns and residences cubic who dramatically restricted and for the first time, the frequency with which we use bodies.
Abnormal positions of state standing or seated, with large incorporate bodies or have increased as a result of the work. In the mid 20th century, sports practiced normally outside began to be concrete by the new invention of the television.
Until realizing it, I started to look at sports on Tv instead of practicing them. In the course of a single generation appeared and a new term in English for this new activity, i.e. ‘couch potato’ (‘couch potato’). In the civilized world, dependent on the box who foolishly makes the time spent with family and friends to be lower.
couch potato
Why do sports when I can look at athletes in HD quality picture ? And when, when there are more ambitious, which give way to a DVD in the living room with aerobic exercise to exhaustion and till.
They are, however, usually a very small group and are usually not persevering. We look at the tempting advertisements, which convince us to eat more nutritionally to fill gaps left by the absence of personal commitment towards regular physical activity. And here we are with a new dilemma-the lack of use of body have paralyzed whole populations, including young generations of us.
Computer technology presents a danger even greater because now we have two generations trained to ‘ attend ‘ virtual ‘ instead to become physically active. An international study recently shows what we already knew: “less than 5 percent of the population (in the West) is enough.”
This has an impact not only on the waist but the emotions, biochemistry, immune systems and the rate of aging.
immune systems
In the last half-century, study after study confirm the need aerobic exercise with weights. Aerobic exercise performed consistently and adequately and, for extra benefits with the addition of oxygen, which significantly increases the dynamic pace of recovery.
Any disease known to man can be overcome by increasing blood circulation, body temperature and oxygen added. Resistance exercises not only comprise a healthy muscle structure and function but solidify and strengthen the skeletal system. In both cases many positive effects, mental function is the most important. Researchers have highlighted growing positive attitudes and a decrease in negative emotions to those who practice regular aerobic exercise with weights.
body temperature
Needless to say, increases and self-respect as a result of good sensation and a more pleasant appearance and a more functional body. Grow and sexual vitality and libido as a result of the exercise carried out with perseverance. Every person whose body definitely do admire il movement regularly. Nowadays you have to efforts and organize yourself so that you make time for this activity. As shown above, we are part of those generations who can choose whether to use or not the bodies.
A century ago the mere existence requires the use of the body. Every morning when they would rise, the first question that people had was, “today I will starve or are tempted you cultivate something?” Of course, you chose the second option and this simple act of survival ensures the maintenance of a body in top form.
The movement is an essential element of a healthy lifestyle. Even if one opts for the removal of the products of animal origin and those processed from food, everything you need to move in order to strengthen and maintain your body in top form.
The same thing is true in the case of an illness or injury recovery. Health status cannot be obtained or maintained without stretching, aerobic exercise and muscle strengthening techniques. Chemical composition and anatomy of our body need them for life processes.
muscle strengthening techniques
Ninety-five percent of the population of the West is not doing enough. The overwhelming majority of us must give up remotes, mice, to rise up and to begin to be more active.
However it would be difficult in the first few days or weeks, will soon see the results in the form of a sense of fulfillment and joy and better body maintenance. Each can achieve the goal, if you take into account the age, State of health and mood. “Slowly but surely” is better than “no pleasure without pain.”
We should not be discouraged if you do not achieve the first week of the Olympics. Professional coaches, most well-trained, can be reliable allies in any custom workout program.
And the weak ones and they can use the same methods to achieve the desired weight, without having to sacrifice your health, by building muscle mass. In order not to remain any doubt upon those discussed above, here are a final four golden rules for a good feeling:
1.Don’t give up any second to gain excellent health.
2.Always the right choice, don’t go do that.
3.Be proud of all the progress made and perseveres.
4.Enjoy the beauty of life in all its aspects.

Updated on 14-08-2020

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