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More Evidence to Consume More Natural Live Foods

by Tatiana Plesco
  • Bioelectric charge:

“It is believed that live food gets their electrical charges at high power electron sent to us by the Sun.
The food encapsulates the sunlight energy and sends it towards our body cells. Researchers in the field believe that this condensed energy has the ability to wake up relatively inert molecules from our system, either by fetching an electron or through the donation. That’s why the high electric potential of live food is an important factor in their power healing. “
Without enough oxygen in our blood, we develop symptoms of lack of energy, indigestion, and unwieldy metabolism. These are the outward signs of serious disease to come. A Nobel Prize winner has concluded that oxygen deprivation is a major cause of cancer and that a continuous supply of oxygen to all cells, can prevent cancer to an indefinite term.
live foods
With our polluted cities and active lifestyles, most people do not obtain enough oxygen to enable a healthy body. Processed foods and ready meals do not contain oxygen.
A diet with live food offers the body a source of supply continued and abundant of oxygen.
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  • Enzymes:

The fundamental key to the effectiveness of feeding our body is the life that is present in your feed, and those intangible elements, known as enzymes. In other words, the elements that give the best body to be fed and live, that element that is hidden inside of plants and seeds in germination and growth, is a VITAL principle known as enzymes.

“Enzymes are the foundation of the entire cell promotions”: don’t have dinner without enzymes, says Viktoras Kulvinskas

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