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Natural Remedies For Alleviating Sports Injuries And Pains

by Tatiana Plesco

Active sports involve a lot of hard work and physical exercise. You could end up injuring some parts of your body while participating in a sport or during workout sessions. It is quite natural for a sportsperson to get hurt or injured accidentally. You could experience a fall, a hamstring injury, calf muscle cramp, tendon injury, a knee injury, shin bone injury, dislocations, and fractures. The gamut of sports-related injuries is truly undefined. Improper sports gear and poor training methods could lead to serious sports injuries.

  • RICE: First Few Steps towards Sports Injury Management

First of all, you must stop all activities that may hurt or increase the pain. Immediate first aid is essential in case of a sports injury. The acronym RICE best sums up the approach.

  1. R- Rest the affected or injured part to avoid any further injury
  2. I-Ice the affected area immediately to reduce bleeding and swelling.
  3. C- Compress the affected area using an elastic bandage for restricting swelling and bleeding.
  4.  E-Elevate the affected part in such a manner that it is above heart level for boosting drainage of fluids straight out of the affected or injured area.  These are some of the preliminary measures to take toward sports injury and pain management. You could use all natural anti-inflammatory herbs for quick and effective pain relief.
  • Anti-inflammatory Herbs: Excellent for Pain Relief

Anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric, rosemary, and ginger are three brilliant herbs that help to calm inflammation internally, encourage external healing and ease pain.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is said to contain curcumin that is effective in relieving inflammation as effectively as any other prescription drug. You should take at least one ounce of turmeric per day for relieving acute inflammation. You could add generous amounts to curries, egg salad or soups. Alternatively, you could add turmeric into your nut butter.

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  • Ginger and Rosemary

Rosemary and Ginger are also, known to contain certain effective water-soluble compounds and a type of fat that assist in calming inflammation. It is a good idea to make ginger tea and consume 3 cups daily. You could experience sheer pleasure and instant pain relief if you soak yourself in a highly relaxing ginger-rosemary bath while enjoying a cup of blissful ginger tea. This surely would be a double delight.


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  • Coconut Oil: Effective in Easing Muscle Pain

Coconut oil is incredibly effective in managing all pains particularly muscle pains and cramps. It could be cleverly included in your daily diet for relieving inflammation and strengthening your immune system. A wonderful massage using pure coconut oil could help in keeping the blood circulation healthy while speeding up the healing process. It helps to ease pain and muscular tension. Consider having a hot shower after a relaxing massage session with coconut oil. A hot shower generates enough heat for your muscles to loosen up completely.  Moreover, coconut oil has varied uses and acts as a sun protection cream, non-irritant deodorant, moisturizing lotion, shaving cream, diaper rash protection cream, massage oil, stretch mark reduction oil and a cleaner for removing ladies makeup effectively. It is probably the best natural eye makeup remover. Coconut oil is any time preferred over commercial products that are usually heavy with petroleum.

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  • Role of Important Minerals & Vitamins

Certain nutrients are essential for promoting healing. Vitamin C is known to play a chief role in the repair and prevention of injuries. Deficiency of Vitamin A is marked by a defective maintenance of burial and tendon tissues. Additionally, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Zinc, and Selenium seem to be compulsory not just for their effective wound-healing characteristics but also because of the antioxidant effects.

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