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Natural Remedies For Common Cold Treatment

by Tatiana Plesco

Don’t let that nasty cold get the good of you. Take charge with natural remedies do-it-yourself cures that clear up your stuffy nose and soothe your scratchy throat. Here are some best natural remedies for common cold treatment.

  • 1- Natural remedies of Garlic

Garlic is good natural remedies for the treatment of cold and has long been favored as a way to stimulate the immune system and help fight viruses. Research even suggests that garlic may decrease your risk of catching a cold in the first place! For top results use raw garlic, either crushed, diced, or minced. Some garlic tips for natural cold remedies

  1. -No Flu “Tea” with Garlic from Home-based Mommy
  2. -Garlic, Honey
  3. -Lemon Tea from the Nourishing Gourmet
  • 2-Warm Herbal Tea Remedies

Warm Herbal Tea remedies can pack a double punch when it comes to natural cold therapies. Hot fluids can relieve nasal congestion, stop dehydration, and soothe irritated throats. Use some powerful herbs that are good for colds and you’ve got a winning mixture. Learn more about herbs for helping with cold signs.

  • 3-Cod Liver Oil remedies

Use cod liver oil when your immune system is impaired. Vitamin D has been shown to support a fit immune system. In actual fact, people with low levels of vitamin D have been shown to be more at risk to cold and flu germs (source). Vitamin D is also a good way to help gets rid of a cold after you’ve got it. And that’s for the reason that it’s an antimicrobial that helps fight germs, fungi, and microbes.

Unhappily, so various people are highly deficient in vitamin D… and Cod Liver Oil is a good source of vitamin D and A. I use every time a little extra Cod Liver Oil when I feel a cold coming on.

  • 4-Ginger Root

Ginger root is good natural remedies. Here are numerous effective ways to kick a cold naturally and carefully. Ginger is pretty wonderful. It’s a powerful food that can help with gastric and stomach issues and can also help with pains that may come along with your cold.

Using method

  1. -Honey Lemon Ginger Tea by Lightly Crunchy
  2. -Ginger Cold Buster by Marin Homestead
  • 5-Essential Oils remedies

Essential oils are good for treating cold. Essential oils can support a healthy body learn how to get my preferred essential oils at wholesale prices here. Sure oils like wild orange, clove bud, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary oils have been known for their capacity to keep the body healthy.

  • 6-Chicken Noodle Soup

When you are in bad taste and sick, certain kinds of white blood cells are released into your system to fight the infection. This process can reason inflammation and the release of mucus, which is what causes your miserable stuffy nose. The theory is, compounds found in chicken soup inhibit the substances that cause the inflammation…which makes you feel well! Another reason soup is as best as a natural cold therapy is that bone broth is a great source of raw materials something most people are depleted of when ill.

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