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Nine Reasons Why Walking Is So Healthy

by Tatiana Plesco
Nine Reasons Why Walking Is So Healthy

Movement keeps you away from disease and even make the real pain disappear. Just go for a walk. If you go walk out a few hours a week, so you give this simple measure at least nine health benefits. Walking is by far the easiest, cheapest, and most flexible form of exercise that you can imagine. You do not need any special equipment and also do not have to adhere to a specific schedule. If you want, you can go at any time – whether in the morning or at night by five to twelve. You may think now that cycling, rowing, skiing, athletics, and weight training safely must be much more effective and healthier than simple walking. Not necessarily!

  • 1: Walks reduce stress – even in children

In stressful situations, it is best to move efficiently is known. The excess stress hormones can be reduced effectively, resentment and anger diminish significantly, fresh air fills the lungs, and the head is free again. Even in children, the stress reduction with walks succeeds. Whenever possible, children should, therefore, go to school on foot (or by bike, of course).

  • 2: Walks keep dementia away

Also, on the brain, bouncing walks affect incredibly advantageous. Elderly, namely, who began to go regularly hike could slow the progress of your incipient dementia by 50 percent. Already 8 km per week is required for this effect. You will be surprised, however, how quickly your fitness or your dependents return when you walk through the park every day from now on steps.

  • 3: Walks alleviate diabetes

Is diabetes in your family? Or you are already affected by diabetes? Then you should as soon as possible, lace up your hiking boots and make the socks.

A study of patients with diabetes was discovered; namely, that regular walks (combined with other lifestyle changes) the progression of diabetes could slow down at 60 percent.

  • 4: Walks reduce high blood pressure

Walks help the heart function and done regularly reduce high blood pressure. The active dog owners also reported a lower blood pressure and a slimmer waistline, suffered less from chronic pain and were less depressed than the couch potato.

  • 5: Walks are effective against depression

Regular walking has a significant impact on the degree of our spiritual well-being and satisfaction. In a study reported nearly a third of people suffering from depression participants that they felt noticeably better after hiking smaller units. Scientists motivated their subjects to longer walks, the proportion of patients who felt better mentally after the hike rose to almost 50 percent.

  • 6: Walks of bones and joints

So people reported suffering from arthritis in the knee, after a stint of not more than three hours of walking per week, they would feel less pain. They had also gained a good portion of their original mobility back.

  • 7: Walks reduce your chocolate consumption

Walks can help even sugar addiction. Scientists at Exeter University announced, according to a study in 2012 with 78 chocolate fans after regular walks, carve less chocolate as they did before the walking habit.

  • 8: Walks reduce cancer risk

The sweets you eat, the healthier remain the digestive organs. Perhaps this is one reason for the decline in cancer risk among people who like to walk. Just eat sweets.

  • 9: Walks prolong your life

All these positive attributes of hiking and walking gait naturally have an impact on life expectancy. After all, who does not suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure or osteoporosis and even cancer, has much better chances of being jolly old as the hills as someone who is struggling with one or even more of these problems. From a purely mathematically, this would mean that you will no longer die at 6 hours daily movement 😉

Updated: 3 June 2020

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