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You Are Not Gone Mad: Experts Tell About 10 Strange States

by Tatiana Plesco
terrifying symptoms

You find yourself in a new place and experiencing the mystical feeling that you had been there before? You suddenly forget the name of the book, which is known all your life? With the corner of your eye, you notice moving shadows? Self-diagnosis suggests: you’re crazy. Do you want to hear the good news? You are perfectly normal! Here’s how experts explain the 10 most common and at the same time terrifying symptoms suggestive of fear and despair.

Madness or norm?

  • You wake up and cannot move

wake up and moving

Early in the morning, you wake up from a dream, but you cannot even move a finger. This is a frightening condition called sleep paralysis usually occurs early in the morning just before waking up. During REM sleep all muscles except those that are related to eye movement and breathing become paralyzed. It keeps us from actively moves during dreams. In the case of sleep paralysis, you are awake, but numb inherent in REM sleep is still going on for a few seconds. Although this condition can be very scary, sleep paralysis is absolutely safe.

  • You hear the music in your head

Music sounding in your head, experts call it “haunting melody.” It is repeated again and again in against your will. Another symptom of sound – more serious, but much less common, is an auditory hallucination involving imaginary voices and sounds, explains Professor of Neurology, University of Arizona Paul Benhaim. Auditory hallucinations are often associated with tinnitus (ringing in the ears because of the defeat of the auditory analyzer), deafness or neurological diseases. If you really hear a melody in your head you should seek help from a specialist.

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  • You see the shadows

If with the corner of your eye you see moving shadows … it’s time to pay a visit to an ophthalmologist immediately. “Shadows visible in the corner of the eye may be a sign of a serious problem – peeling or retinal damage, if you do not begin to treat this problem in time, you can lose sight.

You see the shadows

  • You seem obsessed

If friends tell you that you sometimes “disconnected” and there is nothing you can remember, maybe the matter is that an episode of epilepsy. Psychiatrist David Sack explains this phenomenon: “People generally imagine as epilepsy seizure, but this is not always the case.” In partial epilepsy, persons do not respond to the environment and may seem obsessive, reckless or nervous – and they do not remember the moment after. In adults suffering from partial epilepsy usually, have histories of such episodes as a child, or have occurred head injury, concussion. Furthermore, it may be motor disorders such as Huntington’s chorea where a person may exhibit symptoms hallucinations, paranoia or psychosis. All this requires monitoring by a specialist.

  • You are experiencing deja vu

If you find yourself in a new place and feel that has been here before, it can become uncomfortable. About 76% of people say that at least once felt a sense of déjà vu (French: “already seen”). This feeling can be caused by very similar recollection – the same music, lighting help old memories “float” and make a new place already familiar. This most often happens during times of stress – it stimulates such false memories. Deja Vu is often accompanied by a feeling of fear or anxiety.

  •  You see yourself from above

Feeling of detachment from one’s own body and the type itself can be intimidating. In the language of psychiatry, this condition is called depersonalization and may be accompanied by panic attacks.

Professor of psychology at Moe Gelbart says: “This shift of consciousness is terrifying and disorienting, and people can take it for insanity.” The problem is that after a panic attack episode of depersonalization no longer needs to “trigger” and can happen again and again because of the mere fear of a panic attack. Dr. Gelbart advises resort for meditation, yoga, and control of his own consciousness, not to succumb to fear the possibility of another panic.

  • You forget the names of friends or cannot remember where I put the keys

All women memory loss and forgetfulness are associated with increased cortisol levels due to stress, says Dr. Sara Gottfried. “It affects the work of the hypothalamus – part of the brain responsible for the creation and storage of memory.” In addition, women in the run-up to menopause may experience gaps in memory due to lack of sleep and low progesterone, and as a result of depression or disorder of the thyroid gland. If a temporary loss of memory is accompanied by fatigue, weight gain, and delay cycle one should make an appointment with a doctor.

cannot remember keys

  • You think about harming your spouse

If you are by nature not a violent person, but always catch yourself thinking about the desire to harm others – “it may be a symptom of an anxiety disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder – explains Dr. Gelbart. – The most common form is the fear of losing control and hitting or offend someone, and then jump out the window. “None of this is the intent of homicide or suicide, but only obsessive thoughts that cannot let you go. Dr. Gelbart recommends finding ways to deal with stress by means of behavioral therapy or other methods to get rid of unpleasant and depressing obsessions.

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