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Only 7 Habits That You Need For A Full And Happy Life

by Tatiana Plesco
Happy Life

One of the benefits of overcoming the mere survival status (more or less) is that we can focus our efforts on personal happiness.

The reverse side of the coin in all these developments in the field of science is that we have an overwhelming amount of information that bombards us from all sides.

This supplement is for diabetes, this one is for weight loss, this food supplement starves cancer, this one stimulates the brain. And, often, the result is that we are doing what we were doing. Nobody can synthesize many pieces of information in order to put them into practice.
Fortunately, neither shall be. No matter what spun past studies, if they are well documented, but do not reconfirm the principles of healthy life that had existed since the time of our ancestors. So what are the basic principles that govern the body and mind? Already you know.
The illusion of ‘ new ‘ information about health than hold your sleep instincts. It is time to remove them again to the surface.

 1. Sleep

I gotta get some sleep. No matter who you are and if you think you’re different from the rest. People need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. And sleep quality counts. The sleep interruptions are not as effective as sleep deeply, so far efforts to sleep well.
Suffer from insomnia? Discipline your sleeping routine. Sleep is crucial for recovery and physical and mental performance. When you sleep your body absorbs nutrients and balances hormones. If you do not sleep enough you disappoint yourself, because you will strive in doing anything when you’re awake. Why did you like it?

2. Your Breath

Your Breath
It seems logical. It is logical. But living in a society of bureaucrats have learned to breathe wrong. There are many ways to better and more natural to breathe and certain breathing patterns are associated with physical and mental health than better (relaxation, concentration, emotional awareness).
Breathing from the diaphragm is especially useful for stress and digestion. Read more in the article: Air, breathing through your nose and drink water from the diaphragm. Most people are dehydrated. Every function in the body, every process, every cell needs water. Weight gain, lack of sleep, headache, fatigue-if you suffer from any of these symptoms, the first thing you need to do is to drink more water.

3. Drink water

How much? So that you will not feel ever thirsty. If you are thirsty, it means that you are already dehydrated.
Eat mostly vegetable products. We shouldn’t get into details here. Surely you have heard and you have read enough about nutrition. We all know how important it is to eat well for optimal physical and mental performance. Michael Pollan has expressed this very well: ‘

4. Eat food

Eat food

Not too much. Mostly vegetable products. ‘ Consume as many unprocessed products (anything packaged, anything done in the factory). Prepare from fruits and vegetables the main dish. Add legumes and seedoil, if it looks like you need. That’s it.

5. Exercise

You don’t have to ‘ do ‘ sports if you attract. But we must do it. Our body is designed to do. If we do, we die. So we have to do, to jump, to dance, to play. If you like and you, lifting weights, going cycling, running, going to the gym, aerobics to yoga, from whatever you like. But do move. As much as you can.

6. Get out in the Sun

This habit is quite controversial. Some say that you need to protect yourself with a high protection factor whenever you get out. Others say that if no benefit at all is just as bad. Just like eating, and their relationship with the sun must be based on moderation.
Vitamin D that you take from the sun is more effective than any other supplement, being vital for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Stimulates the immune system and contributes to bone growth. It is essential for mental and physical recovery.
Fortunately, you don’t need just 15 minutes, several times a week. If this is not possible, vitamin D in the form of supplements is preferred rather than develop a deficiency. Pretty simple, right?

7. Universal Energy

Connect with source regardless of culture and religion in which you grew up, or if you accept it or not there is a superior intelligence that manages and supports your entire life, it’s good to be logged in to the universal energy. Whether you do it through prayer, meditation or other practices, spiritual life plays a role in the health of the whole.
All of us deserve to live a life that it wants. These principles constitute a good beginning. I’ll add you to this list? Write to us your opinion in the comments below, here we learn together!
Updated by editor on 4/8/19

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