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Our Attention Span And Focus Capability Decreased Dramatically in the 21 Century

by Tatiana Plesco
Clear Vision and focus

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is my first try to keep your attention to the end of the article. These days ones we bombarded with information is not an easy job to get your attention. And one thing is to get attention. Another one is to keep your focus at least for 10 minutes. This the main challenge of content creators these days.

Let’s start why we so distracted and jump from one task to another with no result.

Technology has pluses and minuses

Cellphone notification text messages, emails, or social media notifications bother us true the day. Ones we receive information, sounds alerts our brain release dopamine. Dopamine very addicted substance that also produced ones people use drugs. Brain-like pleasure, but it gets overwhelmed by it sooner or later, and your attention and focus only get more addicted to tech notifications.

Does the question come- how to live in 21 century without tech devices?

The smart idea is to turn off at least text and email sound alerts on your phone. You can check your emails or text ones a day specific times. I have notification disabled on my phone for last year or so. If it is so urgent, people will call you.

Addiction to technology is real
Addiction to technology is real

Technology must be limited to kids, and the usage should grow very slowly with kids’ age. Recently my daughter, age almost six now, ask me for the cellphone – not asked she demanded. My response was, “ok ones you beat me in a chess game, you will get a phone.” We have been learning chess moves for a while now. It looks in the next couple of years she will beat me and get a phone. Sure, the usage time will be limited. But I did win time, and she will learn useful skills along the way. It’s a win-win for her and me.

My wife and I were happy about this trade deal we made. We not as good as Mister Trump in making trade deals, but we try our best.

Many things techs help us how not to use our brain anymore since it is a cell phone, and search engines know better.

You don’t need to be a genius to know thas USA kid’s education steady decline for at least five years, and tests get more primitive to keep parents asleep, and kids still show ok scores.

Now tech giant Apple provides free tablet at kindergarten. Real books will soon be like dinosaurs.

Additives in food 

Additives in food make the shelf life of products last a long time. GMO food with all processed beauty possesses some hidden dangers.

We feed our bodies and receiving results you never wanted. Congratulations now, you also genetically modified, and you can last on the shelf a couple of years. Maybe your liver and kidney are made from gold if you can process these foods?

As far as brain health, intellect, attention span, it just destroys it with time. All kinds of chronical problems evolve with it. It cannot be fixed in 2 weeks. All chronical issues require eliminating the difficulties and giving plenty of time and real nutrients like plant-based diets to overturn the disease.

Additive in foods
Additive in foods real stress for human body

Sure no evidence will come to support these claims because researchers getting paid from very shady sources all the time.

We all know the story with the sugar industry. It was many tries to sue sugar companies for 100 years, no luck there — not single case credited to sugar victims. Don’t fight with the wind but know the truth and choose wiser what you feed your body and soul.

Keep your head up. Not all so bad if you know the truth you can navigate in this technology-driven world better. It’s your job to grow healthy kids, and it will not be going to happen till you give an example and spend time with then. Ones you improve, all words will transform into a better vision for you and your loved ones.

Thank you for your time- if you lasted till the last sentence, it is the best compliment to me. Please share this article if you think it will bring any value to others.

Written by Max Rainmaker

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