Why kids suffer from ADHD? Causes and how to take control. Truth exposed.

kids suffer from ADHD

ADHD (hyperactivity syndrome/hyperkinetic disorder and attention deficit) is a diagnosis put under a combination of behaviors, hyperactivity, inability to concentrate and unable to control their impulses. Food allergies, lack of sleep (or lack of sleep) and toxicity of heavy metals are the major factors causing. ADHD is a syndrome fast …

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Babies Should Share Their Mother’s Bed Till the Age of Three. Facts and Benefits

babies mothers bed

When it comes to raising children, everyone seems to have a personal opinion, especially parents! But there are so many controversial topics! Is there a wrong or right way to raise your children? Are there things that are good and not good to do? Of course, some are more important …

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Cure Diseases and Strengthen Your Immune System With Yeast


For hundreds of years people seek natural immunomodulators that help to regulate the immune system without side effects and in all these years we needed to look only in fruit and vegetables. The plants produce thousands of active compounds, of which may regulate the human immune system and beside them, …

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Closet Purge: The Four Types of Clothing You Should Get Rid of Immediately

Closet Purge

“If you want to improve your life immediately, clean out your closet. Often it is what we hold onto that holds us back” –Cheryl Richardson Welcoming each brand new year gives us an avenue to better ourselves in the form of making resolutions. Most of these resolutions are geared towards …

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 Know and Prevent All Panic Attacks And Control Repressed Emotions

Panic attack

Do you know what is a panic attack? For many, it is a sensation of breathlessness, palpitations, sweating, nausea, chest pains and a feeling of ‘depersonalization ‘ — the feeling that you have no control over your body and that you don’t really know where you are.  A pleasure, huh? …

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Find the Right Makeup To Suit You in Your Twenties

Make Up

Make-up is a big part of any woman’s life and as we get older, our makeup needs change. Whilst many women do not even realize this, our makeup habits should change as we get older, and what looked right in our teens does not tend to look right whilst we …

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7 Unusual Ideas For A First Date Several Inspiring Ideas

First Date

When first making plans with a new potential date, it can always become a rather nerve-racking process, attempting to try to come up with the perfect date idea. A simple internet search can often lead to several uninspiring ideas that do not seem to come close to what the two …

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People aren’t Made to Consume Dairy

Consume Dairy

Although there is no evidence, there is a theory that says that the first domesticated animals that gave us milk- were goats, most likely in the present Iraq and Iran now 10.000 years. In about the same period have been domesticated and aurochs, ancestors of modern mammals, wild cows with …

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Diabetes- How to Prevent,Treat and Control


Belly fat promotes the appearance of diabetes, high blood pressure and even heart attack or stroke. Also known as visceral fat, belly fat is an accumulation of damaged cells. It produces excess hormones and inflammatory substances that contribute to the production of cholesterol LDL (‘ bad ‘) and triglycerides. Too …

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