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Parabens and Breast Cancer

by Tatiana Plesco
Breast Cancer
Cancer is one of the most common serious diseases found in modern society.
Unfortunately, those who suppose to care for our health, they do nothing else but ‘ treat ‘ the result of these diseases.
Parabens are a class of chemicals that mimic estrogen. And found in many medicines, foods, personal care products, and cosmetics, and that was not only a date related directly to breast cancer.

A new study from the journal of Applied Toxicology made us even more aware of the dangers of parabens. In this study, called “detecting parabens in different areas of the human body, considerations about the source and implications of the findings,” the researchers discussed the possible role of parabens in causing breast cancer and childhood diseases.

Once you start to read the labels, you’ll find that parabens found in thousands of personal care products on the market. Genesis Center for the prevention of breast cancer at the University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation (Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Centre/University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust), have unveiled a report which states that:

Human hormones eclipsed of synthetic chemicals (March 2012). So scientists at the Center for cancer prevention have discovered five esters parabens in human breast tissue samples collected from 40 of mastectomy made in women with primary breast cancer.

Breast cancer

Parabens are a class of chemicals that mimic estrogen

The report reveals three main points:

 1) Form Esterica of parabens found in breast tissue samples showed a dermic exposure route, as would spending through skincare products and deodorants.

 2) Residues of parabens found at concentrations of up to 1 million times higher than the levels of estrogen (estradiol) found naturally in human breast tissue.

 3) Propylparaben has found in the highest concentration in the underarm (armpit) where they a used most in deodorants, and breast cancer prevalence is highest. Organization of ‘ health ‘ guard. Who (World Health Organization) estrogenic properties of parabens considered as toxicological risk low. It is less potent than Oestradiol (E2).

 However, the levels of one million times higher found in breast tissue samples indicate clear the magnitude of the exposure more than compensates with low potency.

 The new study raises an extremely troubling possibility: “For the children’s exposures, has already expressed concern that ‘ the burden is particularly prevalent in the parabens and their metabolites in the blood could overcome during childhood action of endogenous oestradiol, and the margin of safety of propylparaben is minimal when compared against the worst cases of exposure “(Boberg et al., 2010)

 The problem with these chemicals is added to so many personal care products daily is that, although it would not be problematic to use a single product, what happens when they combined in our bodies? So how would it be ok to take a drug when you need it, or is prescribed by a doctor, but when you start to combine same with other drug prescriptions and medications that do not require a prescription (recipe), how will our bodies act with combining these chemicals?

Breast tissue

Babies need mother milk without parabens. Mother nature does not produce these chemicals itself, so the human body does not need it

You can also marvel at someone about what happens when infants are exposed, both internally and externally, to personal care products when such products are applied directly to their mothers ‘ breasts. There are so many questions raised here. However, we must be careful and knows the number of parabens every individual gets at a particular time. Babies need mother milk without parabens. Mother nature does not produce these chemicals itself, so the human body does not need it.

 It seems reasonable to assume that when you combine drugs internally and topically (on the skin) have more drugs inside the body. These combinations would be difficult to follow even with the most sophisticated computers. But there remains the possibility of a buildup and a combined effect that could overload the immune system-even the same immune system that works quite well before we have become the “guinea pigs” of big pharmaceutical companies!

Sayor Ji, states, “given the fact that current toxicological risk assessments fail to account for the adverse effects of chronic low dose exposures, nor for synergistic. In reality, toxicity is that the harmful effects of chemicals may be amplified when presented together with others. This new research points to a troubling grilling. Conservant usually could contribute much more to the burden of disease affecting populations exposed-particularly infants and children. Whose body burden is higher (smaller bodyweight concerning the dose of chemicals), susceptibility to induced genotoxicity is higher (because their cells multiply faster). Detoxification systems are less developed than adults ‘.

 I would suggest that our pets and they have become overworked, through commercial food chemicals for them, anti-lice treatments, vaccines, and numerous other chemicals to which they are exposed.

 I agree with Saylor Ji, which expressed the opinion that it is imperative to find a way to protect ourselves, children, and pets what constitutes avoidable chemical exposure.

breast cancer causes

Parabens the effect that could overload the immune system-even the same immune system that works quite well before we have become the “guinea pigs” of big pharmaceutical companies

It is time to implement an approach to assessments of how toxicologic are we at risk:

 If there are indications that a chemical could harm (signs based on studies at the cellular level), it should be treated as though the damage and regulated following this fact.

 Until that day come, we need to take precautions for ourselves. That’s why I recommend that when you intend to buy any product, read the label carefully.

 If you don’t recognize, don’t purchase it until you consider that it is safe to do so. Remember that each penny you spend is a vote for those who want to stay in business and make a profit.

 You can investigate online natural products without Parabens, or find out how to do them yourself at your own home with your natural ingredients. Many people have come to start their own business, so to offer something to the consumers who do not have the time or inclination to make themselves products of its kind.

 May I recommend the use of organic virgin coconut oil, as we showed in the article: coconut, one of the greatest gifts of our planet. You can use to remove facial makeup and eye makeup, to moisturize the skin, and even to cook with it if needed.

Updated on 12/19/2019

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