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Powerful Health Benefits Of Drinking Red Wine

by Tatiana Plesco

Wine is a luxury drink that many people consume each day. Wine offers many people with a pleasurable taste and an alluring smell that really can make the stress of the day wash away. But did you know when consumed in moderation, it can actually provide you with a number of health benefits that can really improve your overall health? It’s true! For those who want to know the health advantages of red wine, this expert guide will give you the top health benefits of drinking red wine from time to time.

Top Red Wine Health Benefits For The Human Body

  • Regulates Healthy Heart Function

One of the first health benefits of red wine is that it promotes healthy heart function due to the high amounts of potassium that’s found in this beverage. Low potassium levels in the body can result in the risk of arrhythmias occurring. This is because of the electrical charges of the nerves being affected. This in turn causes the heart to beat harder which can result in a skipped beat or the common PVC heart arrhythmia. Along with heart arrhythmias, low potassium levels can also cause problems with:

  1. Constipation
  2. Depression
  3. Breathlessness
  4. Numbness and tingling of the limbs which can lead to paralysis if not found early.
  5. Tiredness
  6. Headaches
  7. Vomiting
  8. Muscle cramps

By drinking a small amount of red wine each day, you have the potential to help maintain your potassium levels within the body which can help to reduce a lot of these symptoms above.

  • Improved Dental Health

Believe it or not, red wine can also help to promote good dental health due to its high levels of fluoride. Fluoride is well known to help with the fight against tooth decay, it can also help in the prevention of cavity formation and can improve the smell of bad breath. Fluoride can also help to reduce the risk of:

  1. Painful chewing
  2. Gum infection and swelling
  3. Sensitivity
  4. Bitter taste in the mouth
  5. Toothaches
  6. General pain while eating

Fluoride is used in many teeth care products and helps to maintain a healthy mouth overall. By drinking red wine in moderation, you can help to protect your teeth and smile.

  • Resveratrol Health Benefits

Resveratrol is a natural chemical which is found in the red grapes that are used in the production of red wine. Resveratrol is well known to help provide a number of health benefits when it’s moderately consumed. Some of the health benefits of this natural chemical found in red wine include:

  1. Weight loss with the ability to turn white obesity fat into good beige fat that can easily be burned through quickly when exercising.
  2. An enhanced cardiovascular function that can protect the arteries endothelial lining which can improve blood circulation.
  3. Improved brain function with the support of healthy brain cell creation.
  4. A reduction in oxidative stress that can help to lower the risk of cancer from forming.

The amounts of resveratrol in red wine can provide you with many of these health benefits, but it’s important to remember to be conscious of the amount you drink. Too much will do more harm than good.


Red wine, while a delicious beverage, also contains many health benefits. As you can see, when enjoyed in moderation, you’re not only going to be enjoying yourself, but you’re also going to be helping your body’s overall health. Did you know red wine has all these benefits?

David Wilson

David is a wine professional with over 20+ years of industry experience.  His love for wine has seen him travel and work in various locations throughout Australia, a four-year stint in the USA and a lot of trips to New Zealand.  He spent eight years with one of Australia’s largest retailers before working for the fourth largest wine producer globally; he is the owner of Block78 an Australia online wine company based in Australia.  If he could be a wine, it would be Shiraz!

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