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What Precautions Should You Follow During Pregnancy

by Tatiana Plesco

Do you know how to get a safer delivery? Do you want to see your baby healthy with no genetical and other problems? You need to follow some precautions during the entire 9 month period. You need to take care of your diet and take care of activities that you perform in your daily life. You must avoid high-intensity exercises that can cause miss-carriage. In addition to problems in your child, you can also face problems in your own body. You need to avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs during your pregnancy. During all three trimesters, you need to follow some essential precautions. However, some specific tips need to be followed during different stages. So, here are some precautions that you must follow during your pregnancy:

  • Diet

 Anything you eat makes up the diet. Whether you eat fruits, nuts or snacks, your diet is always affected. During the pregnancy period, you particularly need to focus on a balanced diet (the diet that contains a proper amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and minerals. So, you should consume vegetables, fruits, whole-grain foods on the regular basis. For maintaining your diet,

  1. You should use an extra cutting board for meats and chickens
  2. You must wash fruits and vegetables before eating.
  3. You need to cook your food properly so that infections get eliminated and there occur no problems
  • Eggs

If you are non-vegetarian, you specifically need to care about eggs. Healthy protein rich eggs also lead to many problems. During pregnancy,

  1. You need to avoid undercooked or raw eggs that could be contaminated with salmonella bacteria or other infections.
  2. Before eating garlic greens, you must check with the chef or cook.
  3. You should go for products made of natural ingredients like the pasteurized Caesar Base.
  • Seafood

Most women ask about consuming seafood during pregnancy. Well, seafood is also dangerous and cause skin allergies and other side effects. Fishes and other seafood often contain parasites and infections that degrade the growth of babies.

  1. You must avoid consumption of large predators as they contain high mercury content that affects babies’ brain.
  2. You should limit the intake of tuna, swordfish, etc to about 75 grams servings every month.
  3. You can eat wild salmon, sardines, light tuna fishes, that contain low mercury content and higher omega-3 fatty acids content.
  • Exercise

 Physical activity is pretty much important during pregnancy. For maintaining your and your baby’s health, you need to engage in some physical activities.

  1. You should avoid high impact exercises such as deadlifts, push-ups, burpees, etc.
  2. You must avoid weight-lifting exercises that lead to some pregnancy complications or even miscarriage.
  3. You should also avoid yoga asanas such as bhajan asana, halasana, Dh Anura Sana etc.
  4. If you want to perform exercises, you should go for swimming, cycling, jogging, etc.
  • Drinks or Beverages

Yes, you should also care about beverages or drinks. If you want a drink in excess, you should only for water and not other beverages. Excess of anything is bad except water. So, you can drink an ample amount of water even during your pregnancy. But, you must avoid drinking

  1. Alcohols that cause various types of disorders
  2. Unpasteurized juices and drinks that lead to problems in the heart and liver
  3. Caffeine that decreases the average lifespan of moms
  4. In place of these beverages, you should go for
  5. Protein shakes that help in increasing growth of baby’s body organs.
  6. Natural fruit juices that contain low sugar & high vitamins and minerals
  • Cheeses and Snacks

 It is essential to limit foods that contain a high amount of calories and some unsaturated fats.

  1. You must avoid consuming peanut butter, even if they contain less fat, during the 9-month critical periods.
  2. You should also avoid snacks such as microwave popcorn that causes high cholesterols, diabetes and some types of cancers.
  3. Well, you can consume butter and snacks prepared at the home.
  • Herbs

Even herbs can cause complications in pregnancy. You do not need to think that all herbs are nutritious. Most herbal products do not enclose their ingredients and manufacturing processes. Therefore, you need to know some tips before consuming herbs:

  1. You must not add cohosh, calendula (orally), goldenseal, juniper, ma huang, burdock, chamomile etc. into your recipes and meals.
  2. You need to avoid herbs and medicines that contain multiple ingredients. It is because these substances cause pretty much harm to babies.
  3. Before consuming any herb, you must ask the doctor about materials and substances required for making that herb.
  • Advanced Technologies

Technologies pretty much affect the pregnancy stage. Most women evaluate technologies for determining whether the baby is boy or girl. If it is a girl, they kill her or sell her. Other than this, technologies also offer some problems

  1. You should minimize the exposure from video display terminals as much as it is possible.
  2. You must keep yourself away from computer screens and get several stretch breaks.

Summing Up

For a better delivery, you need to follow some precautions during the critical 9 months period. You should use additional cutting boards for meats and avoid consuming undercooked or raw eggs. You need to avoid consuming large predators and avoid performing high-intensity exercises such as push-ups, deadlifts, etc. You should also avoid alcohol, caffeine, and herbs such as cohosh, calendula, juniper, etc., You should limit your exposure to video display terminals. Be strict towards these precautions for a safer pregnancy.

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