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Pull Off Dark Lipstick Like A Pro

by Tatiana Plesco

Dark lipstick is something that never goes out of style and you can’t really call it a trend watch during any particular season because it is a classic fashion that is omnipresent. To sport, a dark shade of lipstick is like donning a pair of jeans or a leather jacket. You don’t need a season or an occasion to flaunt it. The dark lipstick look should, however, be carefully done, to get the full impact in all its glory. Mistakes will be noticed and may destroy your overall appearance. Dark lipsticks include a range of shades including browns, berries, plum shades, bricks and so more.

To be proficient at pulling off dark lipstick, you must not go overboard and keep within your limits. For people with thin lips, using a dark shade of lipstick is not recommended. This is because light shades of lipsticks make your lips look luscious and voluminous whereas dark shades minimize the lip size. To be precise, if you have thin lips and if you use a dark shade of lipstick, your lips will end up looking thinner and your face will look older as well. It is observed that lips tend to look thinner with advancing age. Therefore go for the dark shaded look, if you have naturally voluminous lips or regular lips.

According to fashion experts, you should keep a balanced look to have the best possible appearance. The makeup on your face should complement your dark lip color and should bring out the best features. The key is to keep your makeup minimal if you plan to apply dark lipstick. To synchronize the look, go for a similar dark shade on your eyelids as well as on your cheeks. For instance, if you choose to wear a plum colored lipstick; you could opt for a purple eyes shadow or even blend a dash of your dark shaded lip color to your cheeks, in order to create a ravishing look.

Your dark shaded lipstick must complement your skin tone. Based on your complexion and your preference, you could warm up the shade to be a little more purple, more of brick shade etc. For warm complexions, a brown shade will work well and for cooler tones, choose a blue-based berry color.

To accentuate the dark shaded lipstick, use a lip liner. It will make the edges look even and will give a perfect shape. It will also prevent the lip color from smudging. Try a muted shade or a sheer shade by applying some dark lipstick with your fingers, to get a different yet creative look. Make sure that you pick a trendy shade, in cases of dark colors. For example, some latest colors are the gorgeous black current shade, brick red shades; deep orange based red shade or a deep wine shade.

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