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Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor While Visit

by Tatiana Plesco
Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor While Visit

When you are going to get any cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure, you need to know facts about your surgeon. Keep this fact in your mind that you will get best possible results only when you choose the right surgeon. Don’t risk your looks and health by choosing someone who cannot perform your treatment accurately. For most of the patients, cosmetic surgery is more than just providing new looks, as it may enhance their overall appearance on life and a huge effect on their self-reliance. Hence, you should ask some specific questions to your doctor before getting the procedure to ensure that you are in right hands. Knowing more about the plastic procedures that you can get to treat your specific issues allows you to make a better decision. Also, knowing the cost allows you to compare different procedures, their results, and cost that you are going to pay, & then make a decision.

To whom you should consult first?

The first person you need to consult is you. You may wonder but it is right. You are the only person who knows what exactly you require and which kind of results you need. So, no other can set your goals and expected results. Prepare yourself to be expressive in front of your doctor regarding your desires.

List Of Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

Following is a list of some specific and important questions you should ask your surgeon. Have a look!

  • Are you a board certified surgeon?

Your first and foremost concern should be the experience and training of your surgeon. When you ask this question, you get information regarding training, commitment, and experience of your surgeon. If your surgeon has got the certification, it means he has the commitment to patient safety. It is the best way to ensure that you are getting the procedure from a right person.

board certified surgeon

  • Have you done this procedure before?

You should ask your surgeon if he has performed this specific procedure before or not. If the answer of your surgeon is a yes, then ask him to show you some before and after pictures so that you can get an idea about his expertise. These pictures will help you to make your decision.

  • How frequently do you perform this specific procedure?

Another question, you should ask your doctor how frequently he performs the specific procedure. This question helps you to know that your doctor will provide you required outcomes. It is common for a surgeon to offer his services in different procedures. However, you should consider the benefits of choosing a surgeon who has performed your required procedure before. When a surgeon has already performed the specific procedure on different people, he must know how to cater to the individual differences to provide best possible and desired results.

  • What kind of anesthesia will I get?

The type of anesthesia that you will get before the procedure may vary from local to general. You need to ask your doctor regarding the type of anesthesia that you will get. Knowing this question will assist both you and your doctor to prepare for surgery. In this way, a well-arranged procedure will be provided in a smooth way. If you are someone, who panic due to anesthesia then you should let your doctor know about it. In this way, your doctor can do perform preventive measures while administering anesthesia to you.


  • What will be the total cost?

The initial consultation is the session when you can ask exact details regarding the cost. Ask about the cost and overall charges that will be required to perform your procedure. A reputable surgeon will let you know overall and complete details of the fee including anesthesia fee, medicines, required tests, and other important aspects.

  • How will the recovery be?

Last but not the least, you should ask your surgeon regarding recovery process and timeline. It will allow you to prepare yourself and also schedule your activities accordingly. It is necessary to ask this question as you will know if this is the right time to get the procedure or not.

The above-mentioned questions are for your help. You may add questions to this list as per your specific requirements. The provided list provides core questions that may assist you in finding best and right surgeon for you.

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