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Read The Labels From Foods And Drinks To Cosmetics And Vaccines

by Tatiana Plesco
Drinks to Cosmetics and Vaccines
The corporate’s greedy strategy to enlarge its profits currently leads the chemical injection of extremely toxic emulsification in products ranging from eye drops and creams up to yogurt and vaccines. And all this occurs under the observation of the regulated institutions that should monitor all these things, instead, they don’t do much to stop the phenomenon.
Due to emulsions such as sorbitol, soy lecithin, sodium caseinate (a synthetic protein present in various foods and beverages, fast food for emulsion and stabilization), thimerosal and poloxamer 407 (polymer complex used mainly in cosmetics to help dissolving oily substances in aqueous medium and other commonly used products, such as toothpaste or cleaning solutions for contact lenses) the list of toxic compounds product grows continually, and the doses  in which the toxins are administered are no longer  ‘small enough ‘doses.
Besides all this, there is another series of highly toxic substances that may endanger the health in short-term, medium-and long-term heart problems and dysfunction of the nervous system and the immune system.
These repeated threats coming from certain chemical compounds as a detergent and aluminum are then injected through vaccines and lead to a range of disorders such as autism, miscarriages, and even Alzheimer’s disease.
These systems of infection are generally ignored by the general public because most consumers are choosing to do what the majority does, thinking that the regulatory authorities in the field, as well as Governments, wouldn’t allow free use of poisons compounds in the food or consumer goods such as cosmetics, medicines, and vaccines.
Also, if you’re concerned about what type of vaccine is injected into your body or request a specific type of vaccine without additives, you just ‘ cutting’ the tip of the iceberg.
Even if there are no substances like polysorbate 80 (emulsifier derived from animal fatty acids; used as a synthetic flavoring agent, and surface processing doughs; maybe large absorption of fat-soluble substances-known and under the label of E433) that doesn’t mean that vaccines can induce prolonged activation of cells responsible for immunity and brain (known as microglia are responsible for monitoring the brain immunity and initiates inflammatory reactions when it detects a potential infection)-basically these cells are activated as a result of false positives and lead to damage to the nerve network through inflammatory action continues-hence the connection with diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or encephalitis occurred after a vaccine.
Are you ready to check the label of each vaccine, food or cosmetic product? For example, many vaccines contain aluminum, which serves as a dispersion, for some components to remain soluble. More detailed research about the aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate or sulfate potasio-aluminic and you might not want to be vaccinated again.

Vaccines make your body stronger?

Vaccines will never protect you or make your body stronger in order to be ready and fight with a disease, on the contrary, the vaccine weakens the immune system and body and it gets you ready for the next disease available.
This is why nowadays, we start vaccines at birth and till school age, children get 82 vaccines all combined, because your body weakens and you get sick easier so now you have to get another and yet another vaccine.
Get to know what you put in your body, read the components of the vaccine, do some research what vaccine is and why you need it and I’m sure you will think twice before you get it.
Sorbitol is found in almost all diet foods and drinks, chewing gum, mouthwash, eye drops or solutions for contact lenses. This softening agent messes with the taste receptors of the body because it tastes sweet but at the same time creates the environment conducive to the development of colon cancer because the body does not know how to digest it and to eliminate it completely.

Poloxamer 407

 Poloxamer 407
Poloxamer 407 is the main ingredient in most mouthwash and is classified as detergents. Yes, you read well. In experiments conducted in the laboratory was proved that causes bladder cancer in animals.
Prolonged use of mouthwash is also associated with an increased risk of developing throat cancer. For example, check the label of the mouthwash Listerine and you will notice that it contains the agent poloxamer 407.

 Soy lecithin

Soy lecithin raises the risk of breast cancer in women. It is produced from raw matter arising as a result of the production of soybean oil. It’s actually a toxic residue that contains many solvents and pesticides (in the case of traditional agriculture-based fertilizers and chemical fertilizers).
 Soy lecithin
Sodium caseinate is a compound of the name casein, the protein in milk known as cancerigena. Industrial manufacturers add hydrochloric acid milk processed to attain the required level of pH. Caseine is also found in products like paint, glue, cheesecakes, shakes of soy and whey protein and famous protein bars. Caseine can act as a trigger of the hormone histamine, it worsens the autism and encourages the development of cancerous cells.
Well, known label ‘ natural ‘ has no meaning. Many cosmetic brands use such labels while the ingredients of their products contain toxic emulsifiers.
The conclusion is that the most important thing for the prevention of infection with various toxic substances that are present almost everywhere around us is continuously informing ourselves and reading every label.
Another solution to remove toxic loads from your body is to follow detoxification diets. There are many ways you can detox your body and the best to do is to get rid of meats and dairy from your daily routine as well as eating at least one raw, alive meal a day, which can include raw veggies and fruits in unlimited amounts. Next to your diet list is water, and plenty. This way you flush all the toxins and unwanted elements and substances that your body can’t fully absorb because it doesn’t recognize it.

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