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Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog Outside

by Tatiana
Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog Outside

You might not be aware of how going outside impacts your canine and its health, but we’ve got you covered. There are physical, mental, and psychological benefits associated with taking your dog outside. Going outdoors helps dogs maintain their weight, prevents obesity, gives them a breath of fresh air, reduces boredom, and exposes them to sunlight, a great source of Vitamin D. 

Is it healthy to keep a dog outside?  Although it is not advisable to keep your dog out in the sweltering heat or in the cold all day, you certainly should take him out for a whiff of the outdoors. We have listed below the top reasons why you should take your dog outside and how it boosts your dog’s health

Don’t just plan to take your furry companion outside, do it! 

Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog Outside
Profile shot of a young guy walking his dog in a park on a sunny autumn day

Health Benefits Of Walking Your Dog Outside

When talking about reasons why you should take your dog outside, the most important point to highlight is the fact that it will benefit both your canine and you.

Helps Release Pent Up Energy

Going outside with your pooch will ensure that his health remains on track. These four-legged buds require activities to throw themselves in to release the pent-up energy. If they are underactive, they may get violent and destructive. Going outside will help them shake off their restlessness and nip this behavior in the bud. So why is it important to walk your dog outside?

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Beneficial to Mental Health

In addition to the positive impact on their physical health, when pooches are given the freedom to stroll around, it benefits their mental state as well. Experts say that going outside boosts their sharpness, decreases their depression and anxiety level. Going outside balances our temperament and helps us manage changes in mood, and these pooches will benefit from it in a similar way. Going outside and indulging in fun activities such as running unleashes a happy hormone named dopamine in high levels. Humans also ought to be active to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, and what smarter way to do it than going for a walk outside with your canine? A regular stroll with your dog can help you both lead a long and healthy life. 

Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog Outside

Helps With Socialization

You must discover entertaining ways of incorporating the scents, sounds, and visuals of the great outdoors into your pooch’s life as you socialize him.  Dogs have an excellent sense of smell—about 10,000 to 100,000 stronger than that of a human. When you start exposing your canine to new stimuli, they begin to be more at ease in different situations.

The final outcome is a pooch that has learned to cope with new situations in a manner that is both proper and acceptable. Providing your furry bud with a social circle at a young age is, by far, the most efficient way to teach him correct manners.  It’s difficult to teach an old dog new skills, and it’s even more difficult to teach them new behaviors. When canines aren’t socialized properly, they tend to develop anxiety and abandonment issues. They panic when introduced to new people, pets, and situations. By taking your dog outside regularly, he will learn to mingle with other people and animals. This will help him develop his socializing skills.

Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog Outside

Strengthens Your Bond

Why is it important to take your dog outside? Apart from the fact that going outside with your pooch will benefit both of you, it will also prove beneficial to build a strong bond between you two. Pooches love to follow a routine. Planning and scheduling an everyday routine will help you take some time out for your canine’s outdoor fun. Taking your dog for a walk outside, even if it’s just a leisurely stroll, is a great way to start a fun routine. This plan will help satisfy your dog’s curiosity. Locating and discovering new sights while being with you will enhance the experience and bond that the two of you share.

When you first start engaging in enjoyable outdoor activities with your dog, such as jogging outside, he may intuitively catch pace with you. He’d look to you for minor cues before turning curves or trying to accelerate his speed. As a result, you’ll become a team and establish a sweet and solid partnership. So how much time should a dog spend outside? Anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours is good for your dog. Take the weather, size of your dog, and breed into consideration too. According to the AKC, your dog should be out for no more than 15 minutes in temperatures below 32ºF and above 90ºF.

Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog Outside

What Will Happen If You Don’t Let Your Dog Out?

Why is it important to take your dog outside? If you own a canine, you might be aware of the switch in their temperament and behavior when they are deprived of activities to indulge in.  Are you wondering what happens if you don’t take your dog outside? When underactive, there’s a high probability that they’ll end up being destructive and chewing up things around them, creating a mess and putting themselves in danger.  They may become hyperactive and be unable to sit still or remain calm. Lack of activity might also cause them to seek attention by howling.

Do dogs need to go outside? 

Well, even a simple walk helps release the energy in these pooches. It is great for pups who struggle with separation anxiety or are sensitive and aggressive towards other people and situations. 

Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog Outside

Things To Keep In Mind When Taking Your Dog Outside

When you take your pooch outside, you must keep certain things in mind. Read on to find out what they are.

Take Your Pet To Suitable, Dog-Safe Environments

Handicraft festivals and carnivals are not the ideal places to take your furry companion. Regardless of the nature of the event, you’re going to, there’s a significant possibility your pooch will feel bored, nervous, or scared of the masses. They might fear being stomped upon. Local canine parks are for canines who have already been socialized, not for canines who need to be socialized. You put everyone in danger whenever you permit an unsocialized canine to participate in an unsupervised scenario.

An innocent-looking engagement amongst puppies can soon develop into a battle, and you will be found accountable. If acceptable behaviors have been tackled well in advance, the dog park may be a real treat for you and your canine.  In case your pooch is afraid of other pets, acts violently, or is frightened when on the leash, this behavior must be changed prior to going to a pet park.

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Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog Outside

Stay Alert When Your Canine Is Socializing 

Parasites and serious illnesses, such as rabies, can be carried by animals. It could be difficult to prevent some canines from running behind other dogs, squirrels, or even mice.  But you should attempt to maintain their distance from animals in the wild, particularly those that are acting aggressively or recklessly. When out strolling or at the neighborhood pool, your canine may be harmed by other pets. Bite scars are among the most prevalent canine injuries. As your canine is playing, keep an eye on them and observe the other canines who visit the area. In case a conflict arises between your canine and another pet, you must be ready with a plan to get your pooch out securely.

Check The Weather

Extremely hot or cold conditions can be harmful to your canine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go outside in such situations. It simply indicates you’ll need to take special care to keep your dog protected. If it’s scorching outside, keep an eye on your pooch to make absolutely sure he isn’t dehydrated and get home soon. Stay in the shade as much as possible and give your pooch lots of cold water to drink.  If you see symptoms of heat exhaustion in your canine, such as excessive panting or drooling, take them to a shaded or air-conditioned environment to cool down. You must also contact your vet right away because your dog may require health care.

Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog Outside

Invest In Some Boots

Avoid taking your canine for a walk on scorching asphalt or concrete. Their paw pads are delicate and sensitive to changes in temperature and can blister if they come into contact with excessive heat. Consider going outside for a stroll during a cooler hour of the day or investing in affordable simple booties to shield your buddy’s paws.  Note that your pooch’s paws could be just as hurt by frozen ground.


Keep Away From Dangerous Objects

While outside with your pooch, keep an eye on what your pooch is doing. Ensure that your canine is away from toxic chemicals released by car engines. Dogs sniff a lot and often tend to injure their noses when they come in contact with sharp, harmful objects on the ground.  Planning to let your canine spend some time in your backyard while you finish off your work? It is not advisable to do so without leaving someone to supervise your pooch.  But, if you have no other option, then do invest in fencing. If your pooch is going to be spending a lot of time outside, the fencing will give you some relief.  The fencing will also ensure that no other animal enters your yard and poses a threat to your pooch. Sometimes, pups try to venture out on their own. However, strong secure fencing will prevent that from happening.  So you’ve been taking your dog out on regular walks and are now asking yourself Why does my dog prefer to be outside?

Here’s the answer.

Lots of interesting scents, trails, animals, and birds are outside. This makes for excellent entertainment and stimulation of your dog’s senses. It provides your dog with the much-needed variety in his monotonous life. 


As a pet owner and a busy individual, you might find it a challenging task to go outside and maintain your pet’s health. However, including your dog in your exercise regimen or vice versa can benefit both of you. A few minutes in the great outdoors can boost mental health, physical wellness, and strengthen the pet-parent bond.  Now that you have learned the reasons why you should take your dog outside, we hope that you’ll decide to go outside with your pet right away!

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