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Review Of Trim Fit Mama

by Tatiana Plesco
Fit Mama

The authors clarify the science behind weight gain, lack of vigor, hormone imbalances, sterility and other related fitness issues in a thorough, easy-to-understand method. I was unclearly familiar with some of what they shared, but a few light bulbs twisted on while I was reading.

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  1. “The Plan” is not rigid. It is customizable using normal nourishment on a normal budget. I love the long-term approach to fit eating that includes all the nourishment groups.
  2. They give a gazillion practical instances of how to make it work.
  3. These gals are transparent about their past faults. I enjoyed reading about their escapades as younger women following nutritious rabbit trails riddled with error. It is likely that the honest sharing of their skills will help other women avoid the same mistakes. 
  4. They comprise oodles of recipes covering dinners, lunches, mealtimes, desserts, bread, condiments, drinks, cultured recipes, sides, and crock pot pets.
  5. The person who reads will learn from practical episodes on saving money, exercise (LOVED this episode), sex, balancing hormones, and skin care, along with Regularly Asked Questions.
  6. I liked the fact that the authors have two different characters and food philosophies. I could tell to Pearl the most as I tend to be lousy gooey with “rules” in the kitchen, deficient to truly enjoy cooking and consumption to the fullest, even if that income breaking rules here and there. The book is full of cool boxes in which the authors banter back and into view with one another on different nutrition matters. They also use these boxes to share additional tips and inside peeks into their “real lives.” It’s lots of fun to read.
  • Things I Didn’t Like

Their recipes (complete). I love good nourishment, and I like to think I’m a justly decent cook. I wasn’t actually impressed with their formulae, but they do make it easy to figure out how to nip your own recipes to make them in good health.

I didn’t like being told that when I go to a Mexican eatery, I can’t have chips. And when I go to an Italian eatery, I have to bring my own Dream field’s noodles. I didn’t like being told that I couldn’t eat bananas or baked sweet potato.

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