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Rosacea And Its Cure Using Vitamin C Serum

by Tatiana Plesco
ROSACEA vitamin c serum

Rosacea is a potential skin disease that causes small blood vessels, redness, swelling, papules, and pustules on the skin. This disease causes adults whose ages lie between 30 and 50, and it happens to almost every human being. However, this disease is more common in women, but it also affects men only in relentless cases. You will see this disease affecting only people with whiter color skin, and it is predominant to individuals who have eastern and northern Europe genetics.

Signs and Symptoms

Rosacea depicts its first symptom through redness on the nose, cheek, neck, scalp, ear, chest, and forehead. Many people also face occasional blushing and flushing on the chin, cheek, nose, and forehead. Blood vessels will also be visible in the form of red lines on faces giving a craggy looking face. According to many types of research, most of the sufferers of rosacea face this problem in their eyes. The symptom list also includes itching, burning, and stinging, but at the beginning, it was challenging to detect rosacea through this symptom as they are widespread.

Researchers or specialists, no one, was able to find out the particular cause of this rosacea disease and how they occur. But some researchers believe that this disease caused due to a common effect of environment and genetic features. Some people feel that the immune system of the human body helps in the growth of rosacea, although there is no solid proof to back this theory. The family history of prolonged exposure to the sun also some causes of rosacea, and they are the most common factors for this disease.

Researchers have linked that a person with rosacea can sometimes have four times more Demodex mites on their face than someone without the Demodex. Among people with rosacea, those with subtype 1 are more likely to have a more considerable amount of these mites on their skin.

Demodex follicular, which is a skin mite, also contribute to the purpose of this illness as it bars the oil gland that leads to swelling of rosacea.

The genetic predisposition for rosacea may be absorbed in a different skin type with specific lipid qualities that allows Demodex to flourish in more significant numbers.

Person with rosacea

Rosacea depicts its first symptom through redness on the nose, cheek, neck, scalp, ear, chest

Varied Appearance of Rosacea

Rosacea occurs in four forms, although not all of them cause immense damage, in extreme condition, it will severely damage the health. These four forms are:

Mild Form –

Mild disease is a basic form, and during this stage, a symptom like redness and flushing occurs on the skin, although they will be persistent for a few periods. Apart from these symptoms, many people get affected by burning, bumpy red vessels, stinging effect, roughness, etc. on their skin.

Moderate Form –

In this form, the intensity of the rosacea disease increase, and many experts consider this as an advanced form. During this form, people face persistent pimple, stinging, burning, and redness on their skin, although many people fail to recognize this symptom as they are familiar.

Severe Form –

When rosacea occurs in this form, it leaves some severe effects on the facial structure of the victim. In this form, the skin the layer of the nose becomes thinks, giving it a broad look.

Ocular Form –

This form affects the sensitive part of the face, especially the eyes and its region. It causes stinging, burning, blurred vision, bloodshot eyes, etc. and sometimes it also causes redness in the skin tissue.

Ocular Form

Ocular Form affects the sensitive part of the face, especially the eyes and its region. It causes stinging, burning, blurred vision, bloodshot eyes, etc

Vitamin C Serum for Rosacea

Vitamin C serum has proved itself to be an effective cure for rosacea disease due to its varied amount of skin curing solution. Vitamin C serum has many perks, especially on skins like anti-oxidation, cell repair, skin whitening, etc. It integrated with many anti-inflammatory bioflavonoids, which are known for revitalizing blood vessels on the face. According to some doctors and experts. Rosacea caused due to enlargement of blood vessels in the skin, which in turn causes redness in the skin.[amazon_link 

Vitamin C serum can be useful if they are applied to the surface when rosacea occurs on the skin. It will dampen the effect of inflammation as it will rejuvenate the blood vessel and repair the damaged cells. This serum has many medicinal values that will help the skin tissues to counterattack the ill effects on the skin, especially effects caused by rosacea.

According to some researchers, some inflammatory cells in the human body release reactive oxygen species that cause redness and inflammation leading to rosacea disease. Then using Vitamin C serum as a cure can be helpful as it will fight with free radicals present in the skin and reduce any oxidation. These serums will also help you in removing the stains left by redness or lumps on the skin as Vitamin C is known for removing spots from the root.

However, if you are suffering from rosacea, which is at the mild stage, then you should use the serum to anti-oxidize those lumps or redness on your skin. If you are suffering from severe damage, then you should consult your doctor before applying serum of Vitamin C. Vitamin C serum comes in different concentration levels. And depending upon the form of rosacea, you should opt for the serum of varying intensity levels.

Stay assured that you would receive a proper concentration of serum. However, many cosmetic companies sell a low level of serum at a cheap rate, and you should avoid them. While using the serum, you should also use moisturizers or sunscreen lotions to bear the loss of serum from your face. Vitamin C serum tends to lose its potency when exposed to sunlight, so recommended to use some cover lotion. You can also make a serum in your home by mixing some simple ingredients, and they are straightforward to make.

Rosacea is a common skin disease

Rosacea is a common skin disease that should be taken care of as soon as it starts showing symptoms in your skin

Final View

Rosacea is a common skin disease that should be taken care of as soon as it starts showing symptoms in your skin. At first, you should consult with your home physician as they will guide you for using Vitamin C serum.

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