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Some Safety Tips For Women

by Tatiana Plesco

The word is now a violent world. Crime is increasing day by day. Every day we hear cases of murders, rapes, dowries, etc. So, safety has become a very important thing. Not men, but women especially need the safety. It is because women today are facing several problems like eve teasing. Now, ladies can not go to any place alone. They need to go with their brother, father or any other reality. The most common cases include rape gasses, sexual harassment or even murders. However, men too need safety in this violent society. But, women need some extra safety. Below are some top safety tips for women.

  • Be Alert, Be Aware –

Awareness is a very crucial thing. For avoiding threats and fights, you need to be aware of yourself as well as your surroundings. You should realize how much power you are and do you want self-defense training. You need to be aware whether your surroundings have to face any criminal violence in the past or not. If yes, you need to leave that place or get ready for the danger. Well, it is important to go at any other place, if you don’t have enough strength and are unable to fight with them. However, if you know defense strategies, you should continue to live at that place without any stress or tension. It is essential to know that awareness is a very vital element in self-defense. You should be aware of everything that is happening around you, for failing criminals’ or culprits’ strategies.

  • Perform Self-defense Training –

In this modern era where threats, crimes, fights, etc. happen every day, women special need to perform Self-defense Training. No matter, how much strong you are, with how many people you can fight at a particular time, you should perform self-defense training. In this training, you will be taught various skills and strategies for preventing yourself from threats and other violent problems. You will be taught some precautions that need to be followed during complicated conditions. All these things can pretty much help you in preventing yourself from injuries, pains and even deaths. For acquiring self-defense skills, you should not look for martial-arts studios. Instead, you should hire a professional or instructor that should remain with you and keep on improving your skills all the time.

  • Pepper Sprays –

Here is a new safety tool which is commonly used by women nowadays. By keeping these sprays with yourself, you can increase your safety. But still, it’s not a very good option. It is because these sprays don’t work on all people and criminals. According to professionals, more than 20% of attackers remain unharmed, when experienced Pepper sprays on their face. However, this tool can surely be used as a safety tool. For that, you need to learn a tip. You should use pepper sprays for threatening attackers. It should be that they left away after seeing these sprays.

Pepper Sprays

  • Consider Cyberspace –

Today’s world can be called internet world. Now, the internet is used in each and every activity. So, crimes and attacks can also occur due to the internet. You need to follow some safety tips while using social networking sites such as Facebook, Tweeter, etc. You must not share your home address and phone numbers to strangers. Give them to the persons that are trusty worthy and confidential. You must use tools that save your important information from getting the leak to an internet. Read all safety tips and also share them with your relatives and juniors. For learning different safety tips, you can visit the Police Notebook Internet Safety Page.

  • Safety During Travel –

Whether you stay in a 5-star hotel or an ordinary hotel, you can face attacks and crime. Many rapes and murders have occurred in some best hotels in the world. It is observed that in most of the cases, the hotel employee or even the hotel manager turned out to be the real culprit. These are the criminals that attire decent clothes and play the part of a hotel employee. Therefore, it is difficult to find a safe hotel where you stay and enjoy your tour or vacation. But, it does not mean you should stop traveling and availing fun. By taking care of some tips, you can enjoy your trip without facing any threat or injury. You should never open the door unless you are confident that the person at the door is trustworthy or legitimate or right. After entering the hotel, you need to observe whether there are weapons on other things lying at the counters. If so, then leave that hotel and go to another hotel. So, you need to be pretty much alert during tours and trips. 

  • Additional Safety Tips

  1. If you are going alone to any place, you need to keep holding your cell phone so that you can make an emergency call if intimated about any attack.
  2. When you park your car in the garage or lot, you need to look underneath as there might be a hidden predator.
  3. When you confirm your personal information such as home address, phone number to the hotel manager or pharmacist, you must speak it slowly. Saying in the loud voice can leak your personal information and cause problems and threats.
  4. As soon as you entered your hotel room, you must lock it from inside so that no one can come without your permission
  5. If you see any person is chasing you continuously for long periods, you should run fast and escape from that place. Make the predator confuse by hiding in the rush.


For avoiding attacks, rapes, and injuries, you need to follow some essential safety tips. First, you need to aware of yourself and your surroundings. You need to make sure everything around you is good and safe. Second, you should perform defense training for acquiring skills and strength to fight with predators or attackers, if faced any problem. Third, you should use pepper sprays in a right method for frightening criminals. Fourth, during travel, you should thoroughly see the activities of hotel staff and never allow any stranger to enter your hotel room. You can maintain additional safety by always keeping your cell phone with yourself, parking your car carefully and speaking slowly, when confirming your personal information. So, ladies, you can prevent yourself from attacks and threats by following these specific tips. Your role or act is pretty much important for your safety.

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