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Say goodbye to your wrinkles!

by Tatiana Plesco
Say goodbye to your wrinkles

If you are thinking that you are still young, then think again, your skin might actually be getting wrinkles. If you feel that you are lifestyle is healthy enough to beat wrinkles then you may be wrong. There are several simple things that you can do to get rid of wrinkles.

Here are few tips that will keep your skin supple and youthful:

  • Premature aging is often unavoidable and is a natural part of growing. However, about 90% of signs of aging are the result of sun exposure, though they may not be noticed for years. Hence to help avoid premature aging, apply sunscreen lotion with SPF of at least 15 daily. Use sunscreen with higher SPF when you are going out in strong sun.

goodbye to your wrinkles

  • Other than sun exposure, poor diets can also result in the formation of wrinkles. Sugar, a staple food for most, is a leading cause of skin aging. The rise in blood sugar levels is referred as glycation, damages the collagen in your skin. Damaged collagen hardens and leads to sagging and wrinkles. To have smooth and firm skin, cut down on your sugar content.
  • Smoking is not only bad for our health but also can give you disastrous appearance. Smoke from Cigarette will irritate your skin and deprive it of oxygen and nutrients. Also, the act of smoking can lead to wrinkles around the mouth. Get rid of your smoking habit for the sake of your health and appearance.
  • It is important to keep your skin hydrated from inside and outside to keep it smooth and supple. Drink plenty of water daily to preserve the moisture levels of your skin and eat fresh fruit and vegetables.You can also, use a moisturizer for oily skin but you need to find the that best suits youurizer that suits your skin.
  • To shun off wrinkles, have a healthy diet full of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants as they keep skin supple and nourished. They also prevent dryness caused due to dehydration, whereas antioxidants fight against the free radicals causing wrinkles. Include foods, such as flax seeds, oily fish and antioxidant-rich berries in your diet. Spinach is a good source of that prevents wrinkles and helps to retain skin’s elasticity and moisture. It also increases your lipid levels and prevents damage done by free radicals.

healthy diet full of omega-3

  • You would hardly ever consider that your state of mind has anything to do with your appearance, but that’s not true.  The study states that chronic stress can accelerate cellular aging thereby causing wrinkles. Keep your skin wrinkle-free by trying some stress-busting techniques such as meditation, exercise, and yoga that helps you cope with stressful situations.


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