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Say Your Baldness Bye-Bye

by Tatiana Plesco
Say Your Baldness Bye-Bye

The process of beautification has got a new stage with the developing technology. There are many new things in abundance that help to enhance beauty. Beauty conscious people believe in transforming their look. However, when they are asked about their beauty regime most of them complain about the massive hair issues. Hair fall is one of the most common problems faced by most of the people.

Research has found out pollution as the chief cause of hair fall. Some people moan that their front part is getting thinner compared to their back portion of their head and on the other hand some people (especially male) exclaim that they are having huge hair fall and their middle portion is getting bald. However, a survey was carried forward by some eminent dermatologists of London and they found that among 10 people 7 of them are sufferings with this same issue.
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  • How to solve this problem?

There, maybe many treatments for this raising problems but it is a proven fact that there is hardly any medicine that can guarantee to bring back the lost hair with health coverage. Needless to say, there are many beauty salons host a pool of different treatments that are aimed to provide the best results on the concerned issues. But, growth treatments are very time-consuming and a matter of uncertainty. Hence, many expert beauticians suggest having a faux hair extension.

  • What is hair extension?

Hair extension is an artificial process to enhance the existing hair length. It is a bunch of hair either taken from other individual or artificial and is tucked with the scalp. This process effortlessly gives a real look. Those who are having baldness or facing massive hair fall may avail this process to get originals lustrous look and to protect it from the pollution.

  • Where can be done?

As it is mentioned that most of the people of London is facing the hair issues and they are now eyeing this process to have it. And a popular hair salon In London is the ultimate destination to achieve this process. There are many people who wonder that wig is more effective than this process. But the main efficacy of hair extension is that it can be avail at the much more affordable price and the maintenance is less than wearing a wig. A hair salon in London offers this service as a quick solution of covering the baldness and enhancing the beauty.

  • How they fix it?

Hair extension comes in two different types. One in clip extension and another is glue extension. In between this two processes, glue hair extension needs to fix up by experts. And there are some steps that are strictly followed by the hair salon in London. ·        Expert beauticians suggest their clients come up with properly washed hair because in glue extension the scalp needs to be clear, otherwise the dirt may attach with the glue that will hinder for fixing the extension strands.

The beautician first part the hair with Comb and then the clip it up. Next, they put the glue on the bonded strip of the extension. After that, they attach the strip on the scalp and wait for some while to fix it properly. Then they yank it gently to ensure that it fixes properly. And after that, they leave the clipped hair on top of the faux one and comb gently. Thus, one can achieve a flawless look by availing this process from a popular hair salon In London. Just to mention this procedure does not only cover the baldness but also protect the hair from the pollution.


Hair fall, baldness has become a common problem for most of the people of London. Hence, a popular hair salon In London has designed an effective faux process, hair extension that helps to cover the baldness and gives a beautiful look.

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