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Season Awakening: How To Prepare Your Wardrobe For Spring 2017

by Tatiana Plesco
Season Awakening

What kind of clothes have you got in your wardrobe for the upcoming spring and summer?

What trends are likely to dominate this season? What colors are best suited for you?

It’s not a problem if you don’t have an answer to those just yet. We are about to take a walk through the art of visual appearance. Let’s find out in which way you can enthrall everybody around you! Even on a student’s budget, you still can shine on. Just like a diamond.

When the streets of New York were covered by snow, and people sat in cafes warming themselves up with hot coffee, designers were already cooking up new plans. They have already seen those features and flavors in action. You can already make out the peculiar lines of this season – the eighties are back, pink’s everywhere, and a few more that will be discussed at length below.

  • Back To The Past

Getting old is never a gratifying feeling, but college memories are priceless. Well, some memories, those that don’t have anything to do with writing essays. Kids nowadays have it easy – they have access to the web and best writing services. fashion is already here.

We have massive shoulders, supermini, banana style pants, impressively large jewels. (Remember those hip-hop artists from 80’s and 90’s wearing incredibly enormous chains ala Run DMC and Twista?) The color palette features bright pink, pink tints, and tons of metallic and chrome gloss. You can hate this style or love (by the way, it seems like most of the people don’t see it as attractive) however you can’t resist the fact this “insanity” is dominating the season.

  • Pinker Than Barbie Herself

With these 2017 fashion trends, all the tints and blends of pink will appear at the peak of everything and everywhere. These are some good news for girls and women who want to express their femininity, now you can let yourselves “go hard in the pink paint,” shopping for as many pink clothes as is humanly possible. And not only for your mothers of sisters but mainly for yourselves!

Another crazy feature in pink fashion is how you can mix and match with a fire red, bright purple, and pink tints. The “taboo combos” of these 80’s style colors are on the rise again. We don’t know if it’s a suitable daily style yet, but you turn up at the party in these colors is bound to have spectacular results!

  • Male Shapes

It sounds pretty nonsensical, and it looks even weirder. In this trend. Business style clothes receive a hypertrophied form. Abnormally wide shoulders and jackets that are way too long create an image of rock-solid confidence. At least, that’s the idea.

  • The Gang Member

In the 80’s, rappers constantly spoke about tough street life in their music and dressed in sports costumes for their music videos. The key features of was their size – one or two sizes bigger. With spring 2017 fashion this style is back. Prepare to see more aggressive-looking windbreakers and nylon pants.

  • Stripes

Stripes were always popular, but now, they are about to go really “wide.” Vertical and horizontal, broad and narrow – lines are very popular today, especially bright colored ones!

  • Hearts and Flowers – The Ultimate Weapon

Talking about flowers on your clothes there are two ways, either it’s a “true gypsy” style, which looks pretty well on brunettes or innocent-looking geometry. In regards to the last one, I’m inclined to think they look best on blondes.

  • Oh, Right. Shoes!

Not all of these tendencies may look appealing to you. And let’s be honest, some of them may get gaudy and somewhat tasteless. But all’s not lost. You’ve got to understand that spring shoes will make you look gorgeous if they manage to accentuate your clothes’ best features.

You see, the shoes are not very different from clothes in style – they can also be too bright, too saturated, etc. Especially when we talk about shoes with high heels.

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