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Shocking Things About Bottled Water

by Tatiana Plesco
Shocking Things About Bottled Water

All of us thought that bottled water is healthy. The truth according to the latest health news is that bottled water is not in any way healthier than the regular water from your kitchen sink and there are a few shocking reasons due to which you should stop purchasing bottled water.

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  • Plastic bottles are nonbiodegradable:

Though most advertisements try to convince us that plastic bottles are recyclable, they are in fact not ecological and are nonbiodegradable. They stay on in the environment for thousands of years without degrading. A copious amount of fossil fuels, as well as water, is needed to manufacture, fill and finally ship these bottles all over the globe. Shipping them from China or Thailand to your local stores requires usage of large amounts of gas, oil and fossil fuels.

Plastic bottles

  • Too much trash:

Did you know that plastic bottles are responsible for generating 1.5 million tons of plastic waste each year? The fact remains that only around 20% of plastic bottles actually get recycled and 80% of it go to landfills. I.e. if they are put in the trash bins! It is a great threat to our environment and all living beings. Animals and birds get poisoned by this plastic waste when they mistake it for food.

  • Bottled water is expensive:

Most bottled water is just municipal water that is slightly filtered. Companies just dress up the water by light filtering or radiating the water using ultraviolet light prior to selling it to customers for multiple times the actual cost of that water. Bottled water may also contain mold, arsenic, and benzene which make them dangerous.

  • It is nothing but corporate water:

The business of bottled water is so profitable that most people in urban areas prefer to drink bottled water since fresh and clean water is becoming more and more difficult to find. Many corporations are buying groundwater as well as their distribution rights for the same reason.

  • Toxins are present in bottled water even if they don’t have BPA:

Chemicals present in plastic bottles can reach waters with passing time. Chemicals like antimony are used in making the plastic bottles which are harmful to health. Antimony can be fatal in large doses, and cause problems like depression, dizziness and nausea in small doses since they are metallic in nature.

Get rid of the habit of drinking bottled water and choose bottles that are free of BPA or may be stainless steel. Latest health tip is that buying a home water filter is a better idea than buying bottled water. It is good for the world and is healthier for you.

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