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Should Women Perform High Impact Exercises?

by Tatiana Plesco
High Impact Exercises

Exercises can be classified into many types – based on the strength they involve, muscles they work and benefits they provide. Cardio exercises such as walking, cycling, swimming, etc. and high-intensity exercises such as deadlifts, push-ups, squats are among the most basic type of exercises. Other exercises include yoga asanas and pilates moves. Cardio exercises particularly help in burning calories, and high impact exercises specifically help in strengthening muscles such as the abdominals, calves, hamstrings, etc. As push-ups and squats require a tremendous amount of strength, so most women do not perform these activities and keep on performing low-intensity cycling and swimming. Due to this reason, they fail to achieve several exercise goals especially weight low. And for gaining strength, they need to perform specific training. Ok, you are looking for a basic answer as do women need to perform high impact exercises. Well, the answer lies in this article. Let’s find out. Women Can Acquire These Benefits from High Impact Exercises

  • Wear Tight Clothes Such As Bikini

 Do you want to make your body fit for Bikini and other tight clothes? You should perform high-intensity Squats and Push-ups. These exercises work the core muscles and burn vast fat. Unlike cardio exercises, these activities largely strengthen the obliques and transverse abdominal muscles. So, you do not need to worry about tight jeans and dresses. By performing exercises like burpees, reverse dips, etc. you can shrink your waistline and wear tight clothes. Therefore, if you want to look sexy and impressive, you need to perform high impact exercises.

  • Perform Waltz and Freestyle Dances

For performing dances, You need to have great flexibility. Dances involve various stretching and balancing movements. This stretchability and flexibility can be easily availed by performing high-intensity workouts. Through squats, you can straighten your spine and strengthen your back. By performing deadlifts, you can sculpt your inner thighs and tone your gluteus (butt muscles). If you avail all these benefits, you will easily perform Waltz and freestyle dances.

  • Prevent Auto-Immuno Diseases such as Gallstones and Cystitis (Bladder Infection)

There are many diseases that occur more in men than in women. These include bladder diseases and heart diseases. If we consider statics related to health diseases that occur in men and women, Women acquire 18% more health problems. These problems also relate to sex organs. Well, you can prevent these problems by improving your immune system. Through lunges, you can improve t-cells, b-cells and avoid Gallstones. With burpees, you can boost secretion of sex hormones such as testosterone and prevent sex-related diseases.

  • Build Muscles

Like men, women also aspire for strengthening their abdominal muscles and avail wonderful body shape. So, this can be easily done by performing high impact exercises. With deadlifts, you can tone your glutes and core. Hip raise activity helps in avoiding the glutes diseases that occur more commonly in women. By performing squats, you can strengthen your hamstrings and calves. Bench Press is great for working the chest, biceps, triceps, and abs. So, look even more gorgeous by building your various body muscles. Can Women Perform High-Intensity Exercises?

 Being considered weaker than men, women are always neglected from performing high impact exercises. It is indeed a wrong habit. People need to know that women also possess huge strength and perform various activities at a particular time.

In comparison to men, women can lift more weights and can run for longer periods. So, why not high impact exercises. Yes, women can perform squats, lunges, push-ups, burpees, etc. Surely, they need to perform some training or hire a coach/professional. Women do not need to think Pilates is not made for them. Instead, they can acquire massive health benefits such as enhanced posture and slim shaped body. Therefore, women should eliminate the common misconception and start performing high impact exercises. How should Women perform high-intensity exercises? As already mentioned, some training is required for starting the workout program that involves push-ups, lunges, squats, etc. Training is essential for learning the right technique to perform high impact exercises. Training also helps in providing the best foods that should be consumed pre and post workouts. According to their preference, women can perform high impact exercises with or without weights or resistance. If you are a beginner and want to know exercises which should be performed for strength training, you need to go to a professional. Even after selecting the best high-intensity exercises, you cannot acquire vast strength and pretty muscles, if you don’t follow certain tips.

Below are the tips that women should perform during strength or weight training:

1. They need to perform exercises using the exercise machines that have no faults or problems
2. They should perform proper sets of moves following proper techniques.
3. They must not perform push-ups, planks, etc. during pregnancy
4. Before starting exercises, they should consume supplements like beta-alanine, caffeine, etc.
5. They need to drink plenty of fluids for availing energy to perform deadlifts, planks, etc
6. They should perform high-intensity exercises maximum 4 times in a week.
7. They should not put too much effort that can cause injuries or sprains.
8. They should take proper rest of at least 10 minutes between their workouts. Summing Up Yes, women should perform high impact exercises such as deadlifts, planks, bench press, push-ups, etc.

These exercises provide tremendous strength to women and prevent them from heart diseases, bladder diseases, and another disease. With these exercises, women can avail flexibility, balance and perform several types of dances. These exercises also effective for providing a slim shape body that allows bikinis and other tight clothes. All modern age women can perform high-intensity exercises. They can acquire the necessary strength by performing definite training. It is important that women should learn the right technique and perform these exercises with right exercise equipment. Pregnant women and the women who have back pain must avoid these exercises. All women should realize if they want they can perform any task including squats, deadlifts, planks (high-impact exercises).

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