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Simple And Effective Ways To Lose Weight

by Tatiana Plesco
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Simple And Effective Ways To Lose Weight, As a matter of fact, there are a number of simple and effective ways to lose weight that you can do to lose weight. They include:

  • Engaging in cardio exercises

Engaging in cardio exercises, including jogging and cycling, for 30 to 60 minutes every day helps increase your body’s metabolic rate. This in return helps burn fat and any residual toxins in your body that cause your body to retain excess liquids.

  • Reducing your sodium intake

Sodium is present in table salt which we use to season our food every day. Sodium is responsible for water retention, which leads to excess bloating as well as increasing the size of your waist. Sodium is also present in most junk and fast foods.

It is advisable to stay within the recommended daily intake of sodium, which is not more than 2300mg each day.

  • Eating the right diet every day

Avoid as much as you can to avoid including in your diet plan foods that have high sugar content because they tend to increase fat storage in your body. Such foods are also loaded with calories. Ideally, you should make the following changes in your diet plan

  1. Cutting out all artificial sweeteners as well as sweet sodas,
  2. Limiting your calorie intake to 150 if you are a man and to 100 if you are a woman.
  3. Increasing foods rich in fiber in your diet plan in order to improve the efficiency of your digestive system because it plays a very important role in the weight loss process.
  4. Increasing your daily protein intake.
  • Drinking more water

Taking the recommended amount of water every day will help you lose weight effect time.

-Including natural diuretics in your diet on a daily basis

Diuretics are foods that promote the loss of excess water from your body. Examples of diuretics include:

  1. -Fruits such as blackberries, cranberries, and melons,
  2. Certain vegetables, including garlic, parsley, and fennel,
  3. Certain herbs, including Cilantro, stinging nettle, and yarrow.
  • -Reducing physical and mental stress

Both emotional and physical stress can increase cortisol levels in your body. Cortisol is a stress-induced hormone that causes your body to store more fat and retain more water. For this reason, it is important to reduce your stress levels by engaging yourself in things that make you happy, including listening to your favorite music, meditation, and watching an interesting movie, among others.

How to Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks 10 Simple Steps!

  • To lose 20 pounds in two weeks, here are 10 simple steps that you can follow:

  1. Switch to drinking water instead of other beverages,
  2. Cut junk food from your diet,
  3. Reduce the number of white carbohydrates in your diet,
  4. Increase your intake of ‘negative calorie’ foods. This type of foods includes vegetables such as beetroots, asparagus, broccoli, cucumber, spinach, and celery, among others.
  5. Examples of fruits with negative calories include lemons, grapefruit, blueberries, papayas, tangerines, honeydew, and strawberries, among others.
  6. Go for leaner proteins and increase your intake of vegetables.
  7. Engage yourself in several hours of moderate to vigorous exercise every day.
  • Change your eating habits:

This includes ensuring that you eat all your meals, avoiding eating after a specific time of day; counting your daily caloric intake, mastering portion control, and eating small meals several times a day.

  • Changing your lifestyle:

This will include cooking for yourself, keeping track of what you are eating and the type of exercises you are doing, and becoming committed to your weight loss plan.

  • Sleeping adequately:

Make sure that you are getting a full night’s sleep during the two weeks.

-Take supplements for fat loss: Some of the best supplements for fat loss include fish oil with vitamin D and protein powder, among others.

  • Weight Loss: Diet and Exercise Tips

Diets tips for fast weight loss:

  1. -Drink plenty of water,
  2. -Eat plenty of vegetables to help you feel full,
  3. -Remove tempting foods from your home,
  4. -Don’t skip meals, including breakfast,
  5. Stay busy in order not to eat out of boredom,
  6. -Eat your food from a plate while seated at a table,
  7. -Keep a food journal.
  8. -Try to avoid stress in order to avoid emotional eating.
  • Exercise tips for fast weight loss

Losing weight means exercising at least one hour every day.

-Include in your daily exercise plan both cardio and strength training,

– Engage yourself in interval training. This involves brief bursts of high –intensity exercises followed by short a period of low-intensity exercises. Repeat this pattern throughout your workout.

The importance of interval training is that it helps you burn more calories.

– What to eat if you want to lose weight

For fast weight loss, you need to observe the following:

-Eat a high-protein breakfast,

-Eat foods that are weight-loss friendly,

-Take water before meals.

-Eat foods that are rich in soluble fiber,

-Eat whole, unprocessed foods,

-Always avoid sugary drinks as well as fruit juices,

-Drink tea or coffee: This is because they contain caffeine which helps boost metabolism


It is possible to lose 20 pounds in two week’s time if you take the right kind of food and engage in the right exercises. However, you must be consistent and committed fully in order to realize your weight loss goal.

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