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Simple Rules Of Body Care And Grooming

by Tatiana Plesco

Health is very much a matter of habit. The way we attend to everyday tasks of looking after ourselves has a large bearing on both health and mental outlook. Here then are some sound, simple rules of body care and grooming.

  • Why We Bath

At various times in history the daily bath has not held favour, but today we support the bathe daily rule because we know why it is desirable. The skin, like any good machine, does its work best when it is clean, and the skin has important work to do. Waste products are sent out of the body in perspiration which the skin manufactures in its tiny glands. This perspiration is concerned in the skin’s second major duty of maintaining body temperature.

The daily bath actually helps the skin in this work by clearing the surface for a free and malty action of the sweat glands, washing away accumulations of grime and the oil which is formed by the sebaceous glands that lubricate the tiny hairs of the skin. The daily bath is much more than a matter of feeling refreshed. It is health help to that very important organ, the skin.

  • Clean Clothes

We need clean clothes, especially underclothes, each day, for much the same reason as we need our daily bath or shower. Like the skin itself, the fabrics of which our underclothes are made hold perspiration and dust. These will accumulate and cause an unpleasant odor if underclothes are not changed daily. Clean underclothes every day is a good rule for health and personal freshness.

  • Washing The Hair

How often should we wash the hair? Well, that depends somewhat on the sort of hair parents gave us. Hair that is oily needs a bath at least once a week, while dry hair could go for a fortnight in between shampoos.

Choose a soap or shampoo that’s free from any harsh drying ingredients; wash the hair thoroughly and vigorously, giving the scalp plenty of exercise; and then rinse, under running water if possible, till you’re quite sure that every trace of soap has gone.

A touch of lemon or vinegar in the rinsing water helps to get rid of the soap. You can judge when the hair is clean by the squeak as you pull it through your fingers. Next step is brisk rubbing with a firm towel, and out into the sun and air to get the hair quite dry.

  • About Brushing

It is easy enough to see why we comb our hair. Combing sorts the strands and lays them neatly in place. Brushing has a more important long-range effect. It’s the stimulation of brushing that sets the scalp tingling, and livens up the blood circulation in this important area.

Brushing lets the air into the hair and distributes along the shaft of each hair the oily substance formed beside its root. But a few rapid strokes with the brush before going out is not enough. Take time over it. Let the brush do a thorough job of tousling the hair, stroking vigorously this way and that until the scalp glows! Such brushing leaves the hair lustrous springy, and clean and discourages old enemy dandruff.

  • Care of Brush and Comb

These tools of trade need their fair share of care. Clean your combs when you wash your hair, and in between times if they need it. A discarded toothbrush is ideal for cleaning the comb, used with soap and hot water. Brushes need a regular bath too. Get a basin of hot soapy water, and beat the bristles up and down in the suds. When all signs of grease and hair have been floated out, rinse thoroughly in clean water, and set the brush to dry.

  • Special Care for Teeth

When we realize that it is the action of saliva contents on the remains of food in the mouth that sets the stage for tooth decay, we see the wisdom of brushing the teeth after eating. That goes for odd snacks, as well as the three main meals. Your toothbrush should be firm and have a short head, and your toothpaste should be free from any harsh abrasives.

  • Eyes and Ears

Normal healthy eyes require no special care as long as we remember the important advice, don’t poke at the eyes and put nothing smaller than the elbows in the ear! In the case of a normal, healthy person the waxy substance which the ear canal provides for its own protection won’t cause any inconvenience, and the external ear is effectively cleaned with the tip of the finger at bath time. Any undue discharge from ears and eyes should be a subject for your doctor’s advice.

Daisy is a makeup professional, having 10 years of experience in Beauty and Fitness industry. She loves writing articles about Health & Beauty and enjoys sharing tips and advice on how to become more attractive to women.

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