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Six Easy Tips To Protect Your Hair From Humidity

by Tatiana Plesco

Have you ever felt like chopping off your locks when the rainy, humid season turns your beautiful locks into a frizzy, puffed up ball sitting on top of your head? If yes, then you share a common trait with hundreds of females who dread the humid weather for this one single reason. There are hundreds of goods that assure protection, but none of them work everywhere, so you may have to do some trial and error. However, nonstop experimenting can take a toll on your hair. So, it is best to adopt some measures that do work for every kind of locks.

protect your hair from humidity
On that note, this post talks about the top trials you can take to protect your locks from humidity. Would you prefer to know what they are? Read on!

  •      1. Use good shampoos

If you intend to apply flat iron and dryers, your locks will have to endure a lot of heat. So it is best to start in the shower and invest in a truly good shampoo. You can purchase the salon shampoos, which hold more oils, vitamins and minerals and less sulfate. If you have the first choice, you can purchase any kind of shampoo that fits your budget and suits your locks as long as you are sure that it is doing your locks justice.      

  • 2. Leave in conditioners

There are a lot of leave-in conditioners that work in contrast to humidity. As the product stays on your locks throughout the day, your hair is less likely to be stripped of humidity. Hence, you are less probable to sport ahead of frizz.

  • 3. Silicone Balm

Locks smoothening creams and balms make all the difference if you blow dry your locks. These balms care for your hair from the heat and reduce frizz that is a certain aftermath of blow drying on a humid day. The balm also cares for and seals in the moisture in your hair, so your locks will develop fewer frizzes.care for your hair

  • 4-Cold Splash

After washing your locks, put some cold H2O in an atomizer or spray can. Now spray the water on your locks. This is going to close up your pores and seal the locks cuticles. So the atmospheric humidity will not interfere with your hairstyle.

  • 5-Keep It Natural

Keeping the frizz under control itself calls for a number of manufactured goods and hair styling (or timing) measures. So do yourself a favor and don’t pile on additional work by trying to alter the texture of your shock. If you have straight locks, let it be; and the same goes for curly locks. Maybe this one season you can own who you are (looks-wise) and just run with it. Using more products can only problem unwanted damage to your locks.

  • Keep It Long

Many of us, tired of the frizz and dried out locks, chop off our hair. But this is not as good as we think it is. Just think about it; which kind of hair gets frizzy and puffy quickly? Short, fewer volume locks or long hair? Due to sheer weight, long locks tend to be less busy than shorter locks in the face of humidity.

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