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Sleep Troubles In Young Children

by Tatiana Plesco
Sleep Troubles In Young Chi

Sleep Troubles In Young Children, Why toddlers at noon do not want to fall asleep?

  • What can you do?

Why sleep when a trip to the playground or the supermarket is more fun? Toddlers are so busy trying to discover your world and they do not want to miss anything. New discoveries are important for small children, but so is the right amount of sleep. Therefore, it is more important that you make sure that your child has time during the day to relax and sleep.

Infants are resisting nap when they are tired or have no fixed sleep rhythm or if they had too much stimulation, for example, at a birthday party or a trip. Each infant has its unique sleep needs, but the general rule that babies and toddlers go through 9-18 months of two naps a day and later to a single nap a day. Approximately 25 percent of all infants keep the habit of having a nap a day before their third birthday. Half of all infants give up their daytime nap before their fourth birthday. The remaining 25 percent are sticking to their day sleeping habits until they are five or even older.

  • What can you do?

Provide solid rules and schedule for bedtimes and solid sleep habits, in case that your child falls asleep only once during the day, it is best to set the sleep time after lunch. So your child knows that it is after lunch time to relax and rest, in this case, the child will make a daily habit in the daily nap and in this way taking your child to sleep will not be a hard time.

Establish nap habits that are similar to your routine in the evening, for example, to read the same book or to cuddle. The nap routine, however, can be much shorter. For children who are really tired and look forward to her bed, you can also omit the routine of reading a bedtime story, just let them rest.

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You should also plan your special events in such way so that they do not conflict with your child’s bedtime. It may be difficult to stick to regular beds timing when they are traveling a lot and when they do not have a daily program to fulfill. Infants, who sleep during the day, are often happier and more relaxed than children who do not hold nap, so from here you can draw a conclusion what is better for your child, and of course for yourself because during this time you have some time for yourself or for completing some household duties.

If your toddler no longer needs a day nap, you should instead allow a fixed period of rest and have a routine every evening when the child should go to bed, because rest time is very important for a harmonious development of the child which the opportunity to rest and gather strength for the coming new day. You will be surprised sometimes that your child after months suddenly wants again to have his daily nap during the day again, it happens often when it comes to kindergarten or other things which are fun, but tiresome too.

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