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Smoking Father Increases Asthma Risk In His Child

by Tatiana Plesco
Asthma Risk

Smoking Father Increases Asthma Risk In His Child, Is the father smoking conception? If yes, this increases the risk of asthma for his future child. Yes, it is enough if the father was once smoking in earlier times. The sooner begun the father smoking, and the longer he has smoked, it is more likely that the child will suffer from non-allergic asthma.

  • Asthma caused by cigarette

That smoking during pregnancy can cause serious health damage to the child, is well known. Also, that passive smoking is harmful to children, know the most. A Norwegian study shows that the risks posed by smoking for our children, yet are much more far-reaching than commonly assumed.

smoking during pregnancy

Researchers at the University of Bergen lead by Dr. Cecile Svanes found that children also have an increased risk of asthma if the father was smoking in their procreation or it has been at an earlier time. This study is the first that examined the association between childhood asthma and smoking parents in humans as well before conception. The Norwegian scientists interviewed for this purpose more than 13,000 men and women with the aid of a questionnaire on their smoking habits. They inquired the age when the parents started smoking, as well as the length of their cigarette consumption. The scientists were also interested in whether the parents had stopped smoking before the child was conceived.

The children whose fathers were smokers at conception or it has been earlier been more likely to suffer non-allergic asthma. The risk was especially higher if the fathers had started smoking before the age of fifteen. In addition, it increased the longer the fathers who smoked. Interesting, it had apparently no effect on asthma in children when the mother was a smoker before conception.

However, Dr. Svanes and her colleagues mentioned that these results do not mean that only the cigarettes consumption of the parents has an impact on asthma disease in children. They assume that various types of external influences on the parents can affect the respiratory tract of children. Also if the parents are, for example, affected by air pollution, chemicals or work-related pollution, this increases the risk of asthma in future children even before their conception.

Air Pollution

With the results of the study, it is hoped Dr. Svanes, one could raise public awareness of the problem of smoking and asthma. Young men should learn that it affects the health of their future children even if they do not plan to conceive a child any soon.

  • Asthma reduces the quality of life

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that is accompanied by paroxysmal dyspnoea. Physical exertion, in some cases, but also certain allergens can trigger an attack. But in everyday life asthmatics are often severely limited. They suffer from coughs and shortness of breath and can no longer enjoy their carefree lives because they avoid potential triggers for seizures and their medication must always carry their medication with them.

Asthma reduces the quality of life

  • Asthma in children

Especially children suffer greatly from these restrictions. Meanwhile, one in four children developed asthma-like symptoms occasionally. Ten percent of children who fall ill actually suffer from asthma. Often protracted infections or allergies are behind it. Also, a great role is played by an unhealthy diet, especially fast food, in the development of asthma in children. In general, children affected by asthma are treated with strong medications, including cortisone.

Updated: 5 April 2019

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