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Smoothies or Whole Fruit? Know When to Eat and Drink it

by Tatiana Plesco
Smoothies or Whole Fruit
As expected, it is not healthy to drink sugared water. Studies show that if you give a person to drink a glass of water with three tablespoons of sugar on an empty stomach (I mean more than just sugar content from a carbonated from the box), blood sugar levels will quickly achieve a very high standard.
The body reacts immediately and releases too much insulin. In the second hour, the body enters a state of hypoglycemia, meaning their blood sugar level to reduce that stood before the consumption of water with sugar. In response, the body releases fat into the bloodstream, as if we were hungry, just because blood sugar levels dropped too much. The same thing happens even after drinking apple juice.
Three hours after the consumption of four and a half cups of sliced apple, blood sugar levels return to normal limits. What happens with the same amount of sugar in the form of apple juice-about two cups? The body overreacts, releasing too much insulin. And the body arrives at a lower level than the one at which it left. Removing the fiber in squeezing juice increases the insulin reaction and leads to a ‘ hypoglycemic ‘ reaction.

Peach orange smoothie

What happens, though, if you put those four and a half cups of slices of apples in a blender and mix them with water for an apple smoothie? Even though the fibers remain in the drink, it also occurs the loss of hypoglycemia. The fall of hypoglycemia in blood glucose, which appeared in the second and third time from consumption of juice and smoothie ‘ was in sharp contrast with the relatively constant level, which maintained during the entire apple consumption.
“This result shows the importance of not only of fibers. Also, the importance of fibers not being crushed as in this case of a smoothie”.
Four and a half cups of apples consumed in about 17 minutes, a smoothie made from the same amount of apples consumed in about 6 minutes, and two cups of juice can drink in 90 seconds.
Then, maybe differences come from speed. With which is assimilated by the body than the form in which it made. If we were talking about speed, then we can drink. Apple juice in 17 minutes, and the result would be the same, right? The researchers tested the theory. They found that the results were the same as when it was drinking juice fast. So it’s not all about speed, but the presence of fibers. But if blended fibers in smoothie sip as slowly as if you are eating a whole apple? The results were somewhat enjoyable but not as good as when apple consumed. Bottom line? Eating apple whole is better than eating apple smoothie.
How about other ingredients, most often used in a smoothie, mango fruit, bananas, and berries? Well, the results were surprisingly different. A study comparing the effect of consumption of a whole banana and a crushed banana, but the results were not too different, although the analysis carried out for only an hour and while the participants were exercising. However, bananas, in general, improve blood sugar levels over time. The same thing is real for mango fruit, as surveys show with mango powder, and the fibers may not be more than that crumbled. A Phytonutrient could give an explanation called mangiferin, which may reduce the absorption of sugar from the intestinal wall.
mango fruit, bananas, and berries

Raw fruit organic and washed with baking soda always a great option

Berries keep glucose in control so well, so they can counter the effects of sugar and water when they passed in the blender. By adding fruit puré berries with sugar and water, you can avoid loss of hypoglycemia and no fat released into the bloodstream.
Fruit consumption in smoothie not only has effect-but it improves blood sugar levels. Again, this looks like it is due to fit nutrients that slow down its absorption into the bloodstream. A six weeks consumption of berry smoothie has shown that it can improve insulin sensitivity.
So, although your apple smoothie raises question marks, a green smoothie with lots of leaves and berries can have benefited from two points of view, on the one hand, nutrient absorption from greens and, on the other hand, avoiding sugar absorption quickly into the bloodstream.

Updated on 11-08-2020

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