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How To Stay Active And Vibrant

by Tatiana Plesco
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In this 21st century, everyone is busy in his/her work. A modern day man spends more than 8 hours in the office. He just sits and concentrates in front of computer screens for this much period. So, he doesn’t spend time in performing any physical activity or in playing any sport or game. As a result, he feels restlessness and inactive. Not only men but women are also facing these problems. Most women of the modern period perform sitting jobs and fail to remain energetic. Modern day women are pretty much different from traditional day women who spent their time in performing household activities. Therefore, it is important to look for ways to which you can remain fresh and active. Some tips are needed to be performed for avoiding health problems. Here are some ways through which you can remain active and vibrant for longer periods:

  • Eat less

You must stop eating vast varieties of foods. Not only calorie rich foods, but you need to limit carbohydrate-rich foods and calcium-rich foods too. By eating fewer foods, you can keep away the calories that stimulate the production of T3. T3 is a thyroid hormone that helps a lot in slowing of aging process.

  • Make a Workout Schedule

For staying fit and energetic, you need to perform exercises. Exercises or workouts provide energy or oxygen for performing several activities or operations. Whether you perform low-impact cardio exercises or high-impact deadlifts, you can increase your heart rate and improve your digestive system. Exercises also help in stimulating the level of happy hormones such as endorphins and serotonin. All, I want to say that you must make a workout schedule. You should include both

  1. Low-intensity exercises such as walking, running, etc
  2. High-intensity exercises such as barbell squats, push-ups, etc

Well, it is up to you which specific low and high impact exercises you want to include in your workout schedule. After making a workout schedule, you need to follow it very sincerely.

  • Consume Essential Nutrients

 You should look for foods that contain several nutrients such as proteins, minerals, vitamins, fats, etc. By fats, I am not talking about saturated and Trans fat. But, I am only saying about better fats such as fatty acids that are present in nuts and grains. For availing these nutrients, you should consume fruits and vegetables. Blueberries and Papayas contain antioxidants that help in avoiding anti-aging problems. Broccoli is one of the best vegetables that fulfill body’s energy requirements. Therefore, fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts also help in staying energetic and healthy for longer periods.

  • Select Your Favorite Activities

No problem, if you don’t like exercises or workouts. You can look for other ways for maintaining your fitness. You can go for the activities that you like the most:

  1. If you like sports, you should play cricket, football or hockey
  2. If you like rocks, you should perform rock climbing
  3. If you like boats, you need to perform rowing
  4. If you want fun along with health benefits, you should perform cycling or biking
  • Don’t Stop in the Bad Weather or Harsh Conditions

Even in the bad weather; you do not need to stop from performing physical activities. What happens, if you cannot perform cycling, running or biking? You can always go for swimming activity. If you think about activities in the water, swimming is the first that would strike your mind. So, you should perform swimming in the rainy or winter season, when other physical activities cannot be performed. Swimming is the low-intensity exercise that can be easily performed by all persons. Even the people who have joint or arthritis pains can also perform swimming. If you are a beginner, you should start swimming by performing the freestyle stroke. Swimming is a wonderful exercise for regulating the heart rate and availing the required amount of energy.

  • Search Ways to Keep your Body Moving

If you don’t find the specific time for performing exercises or playing sports, you should look for other ways for moving your body throughout the day. Instead of using your bikes or cars for purchasing anything from local shops, you need to go by your foot. With walking, not only you can save your money but also avoid health diseases. Also when going to your office, you should use stairs and not escalator or lifts. These small or little activities do help a lot in maintaining health in this busy world where most people do not have time for performing exercises.

  • Equip your House with Exercise Equipment

 If you don’t have money for purchasing treadmills or elliptical, you should go for low costly exercise equipment or tools. You can buy

  1. A Stationary bike that burns a lot of calories in shorter periods
  2. Fitness Balls that provide varieties for exercises
  3. Skipping Ropes that can be used for any duration
  4. Exercise CDs/DVDs that help in improving concentration towards exercises
  • Try Some Fun Activities

Yes, you can avail fun and maintain your health at the same time. There are some activities that provide a great sense of enjoyment:

You can fly kites in the open area

  1. You can perform any type of dance
  2. You can hold and throw a Frisbee in the air
  3. You can also play with tennis balls that are used in the cricket

Wrapping it up

Yes, you can stay active and vibrant for longer periods. If you follow some tips, you will reduce the aging process and avoid fatigue and restless. You should eat less and you should only eat foods that contain vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids. You need to make a workout schedule that contains low-impact and high-impact exercise and remain stick to it. For going to shops, you should prefer walking instead of using cars or bikes. You should keep exercise equipment such as skipping ropes, fitness balls etc. You also need to try fun activities such as dancing, kite-flying etc. So, follow these tips regularly for staying energetic and vibrant for longer periods.

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