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Staying Healthy While On Vacation

by Tatiana Plesco
Staying Healthy While On Vacation

Being on vacation does not mean forgetting about a healthy lifestyle. However, you should relax as well. It may seem hard to make your vacation both fun and healthy, however, in reality, it is easier than you think.

The main thing is motivation because motivated people can do everything. Think not about the process but about the result and stay on track! Forget about custom writings, studies in college/university or a routine of work, think only about your vacation.

Many people ask “How to eat healthy during the vacation?” and this article has an answer! It offers a couple of main tips that can help you to stay healthy and happy during your trip.

  • Workouts

Make sure that you exercise each day not to become disappointed by the gained weight at the end of your vacation. Make a plan your physical activity. For example, in the morning you have a breakfast, then go to the beach and after to the gym or run around your hotel. In addition, do not forget that it is not recommended to exercise 1 hour before and after eating. Moreover, you can book a hotel with a gym in order to exercise no matter what the weather is. Additionally, there are a lot of travel agencies that offer fitness vacations for couples/singles and health spa vacation. If you want to have fun with your family, rent bikes, walk along the beach at least for one hour or swim in a pool/sea/river more than you sunbathe – the options are various!

  • Foods

Eating healthy does not mean being on a strict diet or having depressions because of malnutrition. If your hotel offers all-inclusive service, then it may be really hard to refuse to eat a lot. However, it is a challenge for your strength of will and you have to bear it. If you want to try a dessert, eat just a piece of it. If you want that you will have a big dinner, eat light meals during the day. In addition, do not forget about snacks. We recommend you to bring some bananas, oranges or apples with you everywhere you go. Make healthy snacks for road trips and make sure that your body would say “Thank you” if it could talk.

Remember that fruits can not only make you less hungry but also are a great source of vitamins. Moreover, you can use a trick that is popular among models – drink water when hunger strikes. Thus, you can deceive your organism. However, consider doing it as rarely as possible not to undermine your health.

  • Drinks

You will be amazed by a number of calories that your favorite alcohol drinks include. Moreover, whether this is vodka or wine, your digestion will not be happy. Instead of sugar-laden cocktails consider drinking lower-calorie drinks. If you like strong alcohol, mix it with soda or other drinks that are alcohol-free to drink less. Binge drinking does not only can cause problems such as headaches, heart diseases (and many others) but also makes you lazy the day after a “party hard”. Thus, you may put off your visit to the gym and therefore gain the unwanted weight.

If we talk about water, you have to remember that our body contains 65-75% of water. Thus, hydrate your body regularly! Buy a case of bottled water and put it in your fridge to keep it cool. Numerous studies have shown that everybody should drink about 7-9 cups of water a day (1, 5-2 liters) to be healthy. However, note that vegetables and fruits contain water, therefore, you do not have to drink only water, eat foods that are watery. In addition, do not drink while eating because it may hurt your digestion.

  • Immune system

Drink probiotics to keep your digestion working excellently. In addition, try to train a lot before the vacation and take cold showers.

  • Medications

Do not forget to take a sunscreen with you if you travel in summer. In addition, better take an antacid with you if you will be living somewhere near the pond, lake or river. Take all the supplements/vitamins or prescription medications with you not to stop the routine of supplement that can damage your health.

  • Relax

The body can be healthy only when you are not stressed out. Relax during your vacation and forget about problems and unnecessary things that disturb you.  You can watch some online yoga lessons and practice it to improve both mental and physical health. Breathe deeply and enjoy your holidays! In addition, you may read about the best ideas on how to spend summer vacations to choose an ideal place for your body and mind.

All in all, get out of your comfort zone for a while but keep the healthy lifestyle during your vacation. Try something new – snorkeling, kayaking, rafting are among the best choices! Remember that you always have to exercise more and eat less (not vice versa). Do not abandon your healthy habits and get the most out of your vacation. Be fit and healthy. Good luck!

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