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Stress In Children Through Hobbies, Appearance And Solitude

by Tatiana Plesco
Stress In Children Through Hobbies, Appearance And Solitude

Children develop stress especially when they worry about their own appearance make when they are exaggerated active in their spare time or when they are lefts alone a lot of the parents. The Spanish researchers describe in the journal Psicothema. “Many children are under stress in their daily lives,  that they cannot handle. The consequences range from sleeping and eating disorders of headaches and abdominal pain to power loss, behavioral problems, anxiety, and depression, “says study author María Victoria Trainers Torres of the University of Malaga

  • How can children cope with stress?

The researchers created based on a study of 1,000 children of primary school age, an inventory of the 25 most stressful situations in the areas of schools, family, and health. They brought this in conjunction with the cortisol levels in the body when you wake up, which is considered a hormonal indicator of stress in children. This allows for evaluation of stress in children is to find the one in the psychoeducational intervention application, on the other hand on activities, and having our own Overcome Stress is trained. “Stress” is defined as “situation in which a child is faced with a task that he cannot cope with it any longer”. Stress has a psychological as well as a cognitive and a biological-hormonal component. The tasks in how the school or new situations life prepares children always induce a certain pressure, which can also be positive.  However, if it exceeds and helps them at a certain level, it can also cause the loss of all order ability of thinking and actings in accordance with a certain situation.

children cope with stress

  • Concern for appearance already burdened children

As one of the most important stressors in children is the concern for their physical appearance. This could begin as early as age four and take their peak during puberty.  In everyday life, overweight children experience more stress when their environment prompts them constantly not to eat more sweets. Similarly, child psychiatrists also advise parents of obese children not to leave out of hand the weight issue in the relationship with the child. Teach your children healthy eating habits from small ages. School and leisure time are another source of stress in children. On the one hand, children feel under pressure due to the poor performance at school, on the other hand, however, the lack of recovery time. To observe this is especially when children outside the classroom have a timetable that is crowded with other activities such as in the fields of languages, sports or music says the Spanish researcher. A German study shows that the leisure lack and stress is a major cause of headaches in children.

  • Family problem and an opportunity

However, a lot of stress also comes from the family environment. “Children with two full working parents with whom they can spend time hardly, are often much alone. Lacking affection and contact at this level is also missing an available contact person who can help deal with stress.  It is stressful for a child to have to wake up at six o’clock in the morning and to leave the house due to the early onset of labor parents. Parents want the best for their children, but much well-intentioned care shall mean in reality higher pressure on the child. Sufficient contact and closeness to parents are one of the best cures for stress in children, this will help not only in stress diminishing but also will help children form healthy friend relationships with peers and have good results at school.

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