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Style Tips for Rocking Your Knee-high Socks

by Tatiana Plesco
Knee-high Socks

If you still believe that knee-high socks are just for prepsters or students, consider again. There are surprisingly many grown-up ideas to style knee socks to create your outfit seem more sophisticated. Not certain how to pull these observations off? Here are unusual stellar fashion suggestions that you can utilize as a guide:

Go for Knits

Why decide for plain-looking socks for women when there are numerous different styles and designs out there? Dark knitted knee socks tend to have an effortless but edgy look to them that’s excellent for spring and even fall.
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To dress these socks up, attempt matching them with a light-colored outfit or a plaid dress.

Play with Contrasts

However, if you need to wear little dresses, miniskirts, or shorts, do not require to commit to the bare-legged appearance, attempt pairing any of these bottoms among knee socks. These can provide your ensemble a laid-back yet cute vibe while additionally assisting you to feel less exposed. Also, covering up your legs with knee socks can additionally maintain you warm on especially chilly days.

Reference the Past

When in doubt, style your knee socks like you’re back in the 80s or 90s. For instance, you can refer to Dionne and Cher from the movie Clueless, two characters who always looked put-together when incorporating these socks into their get-ups.

Suppose you prefer something numerous darkly inclined to emulate any outfits worn by Sarah, Rochelle, Bonnie, or Nancy from The Craft.
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For something considerable colorful and retro, get inspiration from how Madonna and the ladies from Heathers rocked their knee socks. The most useful part is that these older styles produce a vast comeback; therefore, you won’t seem dated at all.

Make Comfy Outfits Look More Stylish

Do you love lounging around or dressing in very comfortable clothes, still require to look the same, you put a bit more extra effort into styling yourself? Just put on a pair of knee socks, and you’re good to go. Admittedly, matching a pair of knee socks among a raglan shirt and shorts combines a bit of sex appeal, all externally sacrificing comfort.

Pair It with a Dress

This outfit combination might also seem childish for some. The key to a further mature appearance is in picking the best kind of dress and footwear. For instance, instead of sneakers or flats, take oxfords or heeled platforms for what dress to wear, permitting a further fitted choice that stops a short above the knee.

Match Them to Your Accessories

Your knee socks can act as an accent piece if you use them in the same color as your other assistants. When you are unique to this dressing method, monochromatic combinations are comfortable to pull off and are frequently foolproof.

For instance, you can attempt a sporty appearance by pairing white knee-high socks with a white snapback cap and handbag. This is very effective if your style previously leans toward athleisure. On the opposite hand, sunglasses, pink statement earrings, and knee socks combine a lot of softness and sweetness to any outfit. Once you have gotten the hang of monochromatic unions, you can go among complementary sock-and-accessory pairings in the future.

Give It a Boot

Boots and knee-high socks do for an impressive pair that’s excellent for any fall or winter outfit. Not just is this combination stylish; however, it can be perfect for maintaining you warm during chilly weather, too. If you prefer a numerous feminine appearance, pair your boots and knee socks with a long sweater or a miniskirt rather.

Take a Page from the Guys

Several men’s style guides dictate that socks should be similar colors as one’s work slacks. Essentially, this proposes treating socks as an increase in your pants. By wearing them in the same colors, they can create the illusion of an unbroken silhouette in case one’s pants were to ride up when sitting down. As a bonus, this can make anyone seem taller, too.

Fortunately, this tip isn’t only applicable to men’s fashion. If you require to attain that long-legged appearance, attempt out this style trick the following time you are wearing a pantsuit or slacks at work.

Wear It with Heels

Socks and sandals may look dorky, but not when the latter’s got some height on them. You can deliver open-toed or peep-toe heels a joy and youthful spin by wearing them among knee-high socks.
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If you require a further sophisticated appearance, go for pumps instead. It’s a great way to get a more polished look without looking boring.

It’s time to dispel the notion that grown-ups can’t wear knee socks. All you have to do is follow the tips that we’ve mentioned above. With a little savvy styling practice and a many of confidence, you can effortlessly incorporate knee socks into a plethora of outfits.

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