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Sugar And Salt For Your Baby. Think Twice.

by Tatiana Plesco

You would think that adding a little bit of sugar or salt to your baby’s diet wouldn’t hurt. After all, we can’t even imagine our meals without these seasonings. We need to think about one thing: our babies know only the taste of breast milk or formula. They don’t need their food tastier than this. It’s us that think to make things better when it’s not necessary. You can’t crave something that you didn’t try before. That’s how it is in reality. So don’t think twice and harm your baby. It is a real fact of several risk factors that your baby is in danger by including salt and sugar to their diet.

After six months of continually breastfeeding your baby, moms usually start thinking about the solids added to their infant’s diet. Here come the concerns whether the baby will appreciate the blended/pureed meal without adding a little bit of salt or sugar. And here is the major mistake that mothers do for their babies’ health. It is unnecessary to add a little more taste to what already has it plenty. This does the opposite; it harms the overall health of the infant.
Always think of one fact, your baby is used to drink your milk or formula, and he or she doesn’t need more taste to the food than that. Your milk doesn’t have anything added, and your baby accepts it because there is nothing else he or she tasted better before. So, don’t make this mistake by thinking that you can improve the taste of your baby’s meal. If you didn’t try it, you can’t crave it. That’s the bottom line.
Your baby is not ready for sugar or salt in their meals at least until they are one, better if you still can avoid it even after.
Wonder how salt and sugar can harm your baby? Read the list below that will help you to a better understanding.
Salt is considered the most dangerous for your infant, worse than sugar. Your infant requires less than 1 mg of salt a day, and this she or he can quickly get from natural fruit or veggies you feed the baby. Even your milk has a bit of taste based on your diet. If you add more salt to their meal, it will eventually lead to an excess of sodium in their body. Well, if you are still not hearing or taking it seriously, then listen to this: access to salt at this early age can lead to kidney malfunctions and hypertension when they are achieving their maturity. It’s not a joke, and your child can be in danger because of the salt and sugar added to their diet. It’s a serious problem that can be avoided now! Stop the salt!
Sugar, taken from natural sources, will not harm your infant/child. But if we are talking about the white sugar that is well known to be processed and loaded with chemicals, it’s not appealing or healthy or good for their little bodies at all. Any portion, any dose of sugar is harmful to the baby’s bodies at this early age and health overall. Sugar can harm in many ways, one it is: tooth decay and carries. Another way of harming the body, which is also well known, is obesity, the excess intake of sugar in our body. As well as salt, sugar can lead to kidney malfunctions due to the hard work the kidney need to do to eliminate that sugar and calories from their little bodies.
Avoid sugar and salt in your infant’s diet. It can wait! Avoid it at least till they reach their 1-year-old. The excess of both sugar and salt can lead to serious effects on their health at any age. Stop this obesity now, so that your child can enjoy life longer!
Updated: 16 July 2020

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