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Technology Exposure And Benefits. Is It Worth The Risk To Our Health?

by Tatiana Plesco
Technology Exposure

Did you know that technology will seriously damage health? Unfortunately, many people still do not understand.

The World Health Organization, saying that there are great risks as a result of exposure to the fields of electronics, laptops, mobile phones, and iPods.
This exposure can increase the risk of cancer, brain tumors, autism, diabetes, fatigue chronic depression, and others. Is it a coincidence that the health of billions of people was affected even by 1980 when modern technology was introduced?
Currently, 220 million people suffer from diabetes. This figure is estimated to climb to 400 million up to the year 2030.
Do you think may happen to anyone? Autism in children is more common than cancer, diabetes, and AIDS combined. About 70 million people worldwide are affected by autism.
Autism in children
This number has increased by 6000% in the last 20 years. Why did I become suddenly intolerant from food? Are they not only chemicals that we put in food to blame?
Over 270 million people suffer from food allergies. About 3 million of them are children under 18.
This means an increase of 400% worldwide in the past 20 years. In Europe, 1 in 4 children till 10 years old are suffering from an allergy, and a possible fatal allergy to peanuts now afflicts 1 of 70 children.
Worldwide approximately 300 million people suffer from asthma, with 250,000 of deaths. That means a 300% increase in the past 20 years.
In the United States alone, 10 million people suffering from ADHD (Hyperactivity Deficiency with Attention Deficit) while everyone else has registered an increase of 400% in the last 20 years. 2.5 million people suffering from multiple sclerosis.
Worldwide 1 out of 5 people suffer from hay fever, that number is expected to triple up in 2030. If you have children you should hurry! In the last 50 years, man has lost 53% of its ability to produce sperm. In this rhythm in 70 years will reach 100%.
Regarding women, 31% of all pregnancies come to an end. This number has increased by 15% between 2005 and 2009. In the same period with 25% more women followed a fertility treatment. 80% of the world population is suffering from sleeping problems.
sleeping problems
In the United States about 40 million people struggling with issues related to sleep.

Can somehow be considered coincidences?:

  1. Between 1995 and 2010 the sale of cell phones has increased from 50 million to 5 billion.

  2. In 2008 were in operation in the world in about 1 billion computers.

  3. This number doubled until 2013 and has reached 2 billion.

  4. In 2014 will be around 14 billion devices connected to the internet.

  5. In 2010 was estimated to have been sent to a total of 6.1 trillion text messages.

Do you know who takes advantage of all our diseases? Pharmaceutical companies.
One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, Pfizer, had an increase in profits from 10.02 billion dollars in 1995, from 67.8 billion dollars in 2010.
The pharmaceutical market worldwide in 2014 will reach a figure of 1.1 trillion dollars. It is clear that besides eating and lifestyle technology is an important factor in the degradation of our health.
Anyone can be the next one who can get the disease seriously.
Read more on the website www.blindedbyscience.co.uk, you will be shocked by the incredible discoveries about how technology affects our health.
Updated on 07-08-2020

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