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The Benefits Of A Power Nap

by Tatiana Plesco
Benefits Of-A Power Nap

Power naps have immense benefits like improved performance, restoration of mental alertness, reduction in accidents as well as mistakes and improved concentration. Immediately after the power nap, people have been found to have great mental alertness and the alertness levels may extend to later hours of the day. Latest health news reveals that power naps have huge psychological benefits and is the ideal way to get some relaxation and to feel refreshed. Though sleep is a luxury for many people, a good sleeping pattern has a huge positive impact on one’s health.

If you are unable to get adequate sleep before going on a long drive, make sure that you take a power nap before the trip, so that there are fewer chances of accidents. It prevents drivers from feeling drowsy and reduces the possibility of a crash. If you feel drowsy while driving, pull over to a side, drink some coffee and take a brief 20-minute power nap.

Power Nap

Power naps and caffeine were found to improve the alertness and efficiency of night shift workers, according to a study. This is because bodies have a propensity to sleep at night, so in order to cope with the challenge of staying awake at night and to stay alerts,  it is highly recommended for night time worker to take a power nap and drink some caffeinated beverage. 20 minutes of powers nap in the afternoon, gives more rest to the body than 20 minutes of additional sleep in the morning.

To get a good power nap, avoid drinking caffeine after 3 pm as it is a stimulant that can disturb your sleep patterns and makes you stay awake for long. Set an alarm if you just want a power nap and not a long sleep. Take some time out of your busy schedule for a quick nap to get the much-needed energy boost. It also improves your brain functioning as well as your problem-solving skills. Other benefits include improvements in reaction times, uplifted moods, and reduction in stress levels. So now there is no reason for you to skip that power nap anymore. This is just a health tip that will go a long way in improving your overall health.

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