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The Benefits of Heat and Cold Therapy

by Tatiana Plesco
Cold Therapy

The lives of people have become so busy these days that they barely have the time to take care of their health, exercise regularly and follow a clean diet. The constant neglect of the body often leads to problems like pain and inflammation of joints. If you are someone who often has to suffer from pain or inflammation or you know someone who does then you should know about the benefits of heat and cold therapy mentioned right here.

Heat and Cold Therapy Works

Many people believe that heat and cold therapies are the answer to problems like pain and inflammation and they are not wrong. Medical practitioners often trust thermal therapies to ensure that you have a better range of motion in your body segments and joints especially after you have suffered an injury. It helps patients who have had an injury to participate in rehabilitative activities sooner and more fully after an injury.

Physical therapists, chiropractors, and other medical professionals usually decide the extent of heat and cold therapy needed in your case on the basis of when the injury occurred, how much pain you are in, the level of your healing, the cause of your pain, etc.

Benefits of Heat Therapy

Heat TherapyThere are two main types of heat therapies, superficial, that includes methods like paraffin wax baths, hot packs, infrared heat, etc. and deep heat therapy that includes methods like ultrasound and shortwave diathermy among others. Heat therapy works by increasing your blood circulation, which makes the connective tissues more flexible. It also diminishes congestion in tissues, inflammation, pain, joint stiffness, and muscle spasms. Some of the medical conditions in which heat therapy works wonderfully are muscle spasms, strains, sprains, arthritis, and even cancer. When looking for an effective and value for money heat therapy option that can be used at home, you can trust Ossur products without a doubt.


Benefits of Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy

Also known as cryotherapy, this method is used by medical professional to treat acute injuries in the musculoskeletal system. Some of the popular cold therapy options are ice packs, ice massage, etc. A cold therapy session can benefit you in many ways. It can reduce inflammation, pain, muscle spasms, etc., by cooling not only the surface of your skin but underlying tissues as well which help with swelling. Cold therapies also reduce oxygen requirements and metabolic rates, override pain sensation and ensure that your cells don’t die due to lack of oxygen.

What is Contrast Therapy and How it Works?

As the name signifies, contrast therapy is a therapeutic option in which heat and cold therapies are used alternatively. This method works for people who are suffering from musculoskeletal or nervous systems pains for a long while. It is believed that contrast therapy has a physiological effect on the pain gate mechanism of your body and it changes pain signals from and to your brain. It leads to temporary pain reduction. The easiest ways to try contrast therapy is to buy equipment that offers it like elbow support with cold and hot gel therapy or take cold and hot baths one after the other. You can also try to contrast steam rooms and cold pools.

Other Options

Though it is a fact that hot, cold or contrast therapies work wonders to reduce pain and inflammation, some other options you can try for some more pain relief are mentioned right here.



If you feel up to it, you should do exercise regularly to boost flexibility, strength and joint ability as well as get some pain relief. Exercising will lubricate your joints and boost fluid circulation and blood circulation which will help in the healing process. Make sure you talk to your medical practitioner before following any exercise routine.


In many cases, medications can help speed up the recovery and get relief from pain or inflammation. While choosing this route, make sure that you have talked with a medical practitioner to ensure that you don’t get hooked on addictive drugs.


If you are a victim of lower back and shoulder pain, then you should try this treatment option at least once because it has been effective for patients like you. In this method, needles are inserted into your body to offer relief from pain. It is a key component of TCM- traditional Chinese medicine. So, people have trusted it for centuries.

Spinal Manipulation

People who have back pain issues can try this method to diminish the pain, improve range of motion and increase function.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral Therapy

If you suffer from muscle tension, stress, blood pressure, and heart rate problems, you should consider using relaxation and coping methods available as a part of this treatment option.

Sleep Right

Many people are unaware of the fact that sleep plays a vital role in helping you deal with pain. So, you should adopt healthy sleep habits to reduce pain.

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