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The Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp and how to Recognize an Authentic Lamp from the Forged One

by Tatiana Plesco
Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

What is the lamp of the Himalayas? Sea salt from the Himalayas is thought to have formed from dry residues left after the first great on Earth since the planet’s creation. We know what are the benefits of Himalayan Salt, but what are the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps?

Lamp pink Himalayan Salt can be used as any lamp to give light, but that is not why it is so popular. Himalayan salt lamps are appreciated because it is believed that can clean the air of pollutants, positive ions, and ElectroSmog forming near electronic equipment generated and, in addition, contribute to lessening the symptoms of asthma, allergies, and other diseases.

But these claims are true, or are they just an aura with which it surrounds the latest addition in your home? And how you can make the difference between an authentic salt lamp and a fake one?

What is the Himalayan salt lamp from, and how does it work? Authentic salt lamps of the Himalayas are solid blocks of salt from the Himalayas, processed manually. Mines from the sea depth from Khewra, Pakistan, located on the western slope of the Mountains of the Himalayas, are the only source of Himalayan pink salt. The color of lamps of salt from the Himalaya range from light pink to pinkish-Orange shades, due to the high concentration of minerals. The midst of this salt block is laureate to install a bulb that gives both light and warmth. A salt lamp is a lamp if it doesn’t have a source of light and heat. Otherwise, it would be a simple block of salt.

Himalayan salt lamp

Salt is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts water molecules. Being a great piece of salt, the Himalayan salt lamp has the ability to attract water molecules. Water vapor can bring inside many pollutants, pores, bacteria, and mold allergens. When water vapor comes into contact with the salt lamp, remain stuck in the salt.

The lamp being heated, salt dries out, and continues the cycle of water vapor and pollutants, releasing water vapor back into the air, but it keeps pollutants health pests.

Just by looking at a Himalayan salt lamp is enough to feel calmer, but what about the other therapeutic qualities? So far, there are no scientific studies that confirm the benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp.

There are, however, sufficient reason to assign fixtures authentic Himalayan salt the same benefits that both scientific research and the testimonials of users you have assigned to other types of salt.

According to the Institute (an Institute dedicated to American medical chronic lung disease), salt (in general) has the following properties: Anti-inflammatory health Antibacterial dilutes the excess mucus, and ciliary transport accelerates much Remove pathogens causing (such as pollen out of the air) reduces the level of IgE (immune hypersensitivity) benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp!

  1. Air purification of all benefits you can provide from the Himalayan salt lamp, air cleaning is not the most buyers. The same purpose is to buy and indoor plants.

There is no doubt that air pollution contributes to a better state of health.

According to a study published by the American Society for Horticultural Science, the main component that contributes to air pollution is ozone, associated in particular with air from the outside, but is found often and in indoor air, at home, or at working place.

As mentioned previously, the Himalayan salt lamp can attract by nature, saltwater vapor. Along with these water vapor in indoor air pollutants out of the air and penetrate, allergens, mold, and bacteria. When water contact with the heated lamp, salt captures pollutants, but eliminate the water vapor. This cycle is repeated whenever the lamp is lit and is warm. Eliminating pollutants in the air, clean the air, and make it more healthy.

Himalayan salt lamp can attract by nature

  1. Electromagnetic radiation and Decreasing infections from Many things around us give off electromagnetic radiation in the form of positive ions nesanatosi-cell phones, computers, and tv, for example.

This electromagnetic radiation (EM) or the ElectroSmog forming near, though invisible, is considered responsible for many harmful long-term effects. Constant exposure to EM radiation is considered to be the main cause of fatigue, stress, and weakens the immune system.

Over 2000 studies have examined and confirmed the toxic effects of electromagnetic fields generated by any source. The researchers concluded that chronic exposure “worrisome even at low radiation (like that of cellular phones) could cause a wide variety of cancers, weakens immunity, and favors the occurrence of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and many other diseases. ”

A very good method by which we can increase the exposure to negative ions is as much time spent in nature, particularly on the shores of an ape. Himalayan salt lamps they say that releases negative ions in small quantities and neutralizes positive ions. By neutralizing electromagnetic radiation, they can reduce the negative effects of ElectroSmog forming near the health. Maintaining a balance between positive and negative ions help reduce infection.

  1. Relieve asthma and allergic symptoms of Himalayan salt are used in inhalers to relieve asthma and allergies. Salt therapy is used to treat patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This disease is a degenerative disease and debilitating, characterized by restriction of airflow in and out of the lungs. After How Long Institute, stating, “some people have discovered that salt therapy is a good option for relieving symptoms of pulmonary disease, easing breath.”

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated the therapeutic benefits of salt: in 85% of cases of moderate asthma and 75% of the average in severe cases of asthma in 97% of cases of chronic bronchitis and cystic fibrosis, bronsiectazie therapy, salt seems to have begun toward takeovers late 1800 ‘s, when it was noticed that the miners who worked in the salt mines of Siberia had fewer respiratory problems compared to those around them, who had unrelated professions with salt mines. Nowadays are used in rooms with salt and spa complexes were invented and metered salt in order to benefit from the same advantages that they offer a salina. Salt lamps are another method by which we can reap the benefits that it offers a salina but in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Stimulating mood and improve the quality of sleep, another possible benefit of Aladdin from the Himalayan Salt is reduced symptoms of anxiety. According to therapy through colors, as well as the General Preferences, warm light pink to Orange to Aladdin effect calm and enjoy the atmosphere. In addition, being herself a part of nature, Himalaya salt releases negative ions as they make a waterfall (but in much smaller amounts). This has the effect of reducing anxiety and create an atmosphere conducive to sleep. Many people prefer salt lamps in the bedroom, for their calming effect.

Why are negative ions so good? You can not taste, see or smell, but there are some molecules of downright impressive. When negative ions in the blood, it seems that some produce biochemical reactions that increase serotonin levels, improving depression, lowering stress, and stimulating the energy during the day.

How can you make the difference between an authentic lamp from the Himalayan Salt and one If you plan to buy counterfeited a Himalayan salt lamp, it’s good to know a few things in advance, to make the best choice. It is said that there are several ways you can tell if a lamp is authentic or not. Unfortunately, some features can be known only after intense research work or after using the lamp (so it’s good to keep the purchase invoice if you want to your return!).

Clues that Himalayan salt lamp is false:

  1. May not be returned

The Himalayas salt lamps are made from salt and therefore are fragile. One manufacturer seriously knows this and has a flexible return policy, so that the lamp can suffer damage during delivery. If the manufacturer does not accept returns, the lamp is an indication that the product is not genuine.

Of course, it is not true in all cases, but those who sell counterfeit products adopt such a strategy, precisely because they know that the product is not genuine.

  1. The product is very sturdy.

Lamps of the Himalayas are very fragile. Must be handled with care, do not smash or break on foot or other solid objects, because they can be damaged very easily. This is one of the rare cases in which sustainability is not a quality that you want for your product. If a hit and remains intact, it is likely to be forged.

  1. Powerful Light

If you need a good source of light, the salt lamp is not the best solution. Because of the rich content in minerals, the Himalayan salt lamp has a diffuse light and neomogene. A lamp authentic Himalayan salt is not powerful enough to light up an entire room. If he does, it means that it is not authentic.

Powerful Light

  1. Inexpensive White Salt

Custom Himalayan salt lamps have warm light, in shades of pink or orange.

There is also white lamps Himalayan Salt, but these are extremely rare and more expensive than pink. So, if you have purchased a lamp from salt crystallized, but it doesn’t cost more than a pink lamp, mean you bought what you need.

Mention Pakistan as the country of origin of the deep Mines from Khewra, Pakistan, is the only source of authentic Himalayan pink salt. If you are not sure of its authenticity, check whether the purchased lamp comes from Pakistan.

Khewra Pakistan Salt Lamps

Moisture-resistant by nature, salt absorbs water. If your lamp sits smoothly near a source of moisture (such as a shower) means it is a counterfeit product. An authentic lamp when exposed to exude moisture.

It has no effect from the lamp’s Authenticity Himalayan salt can check and after-effects that it has on our health or air. If, after a period of time, they do not feel yet, it means that it is possible that the lamp is not from Himalayan pink salt.

Why Himalayan Salt is beneficial pink Himalayan Salt is a salt of extremely pure, extracted manually from the salt deposits of a large ancient Punjab, Pakistan area.

This salt is considered the purest form of what exists. Himalayan pink salt is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and copper. All these nutrients are the reason why salt has the color pink and pleasant.

Himalayan Salt consumed internally; it is said that:

  •  -Alkalinizes drinking water
  • – Provides essential minerals and oligo
  • – Balances the pH of the body
  •  -Normalizes metabolic functions

It is more easily absorbed by the cells in your body Increases energy flow and blood and contraindications relating to the Himalayan salt lamp when you buy a lamp pink Himalayan salt should be taken into account the size of the room in which it will be used. The coverage provided by the salt lamp is determined by the size of the block of salt. For a medium-sized room, a smaller lamp is sufficient, but a larger room is in need of a larger lamp. As a rule, to clean the air in a room, you need 0.5 kg every 5 meters. If necessary, you can use multiple lamps distributed all over the room.

Salt is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water. That’s why salt crystals pink Himalayan begin to melt when the lamp is exposed to moisture. It should also be protected from sources of moisture such as showers, dishwasher or washing machine. There is a risk that the drops of salt to reach media that support the lamp. To avoid this, the lamp purchased must be well fixed on the bracket.

As a measure of protection, as in the case of other lamps, the salt lamp must be protected from sources of heat and should not be left out of reach of children.

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