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The Best 1- Minute Makeovers

by Tatiana Plesco
Best 1- Minute Makeovers

Makeovers do not always have to be elaborate. Sometimes simple tweaks and tricks can make a drastic difference to your look. The following list comprises of the best 1-minute makeovers if you want to change your looks instantly.

Go for shiny and vinyl lips. Use a colored gloss or lip lacquer instead of your regular cream formulation, for this purpose.

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Use bright shades like a hot pink lipstick or rich red, to instantly wake your face up.Line the inner rim of your eye with a waterproof liner to get the fierce look.

Apply foundation to your face using your fingers as if you are applying moisturizer. This way the foundation gets pressed into the skin and it does not appear spotty or streaky.

Create fake high cheeks bone by swiping some highlighter along your cheek tops. Apply matte powder bronzer along the hollows to contour them.

Use an orange shade concealer to reduce under eye circles, in case you have a dark skin complexion. The area looks bright when you top it with a concealer of the same color as that of your skin tone. Use a peach toned concealer if you have a fairer complexion.

To make your eyes appear wider, add a few individual false lashes to your eye corners.

Use instant whitening toothpaste to get pearly white teeth. Toothpaste has optical blue brighteners for brighter looking teeth. A blue-based red lipstick can also make your teeth appear whiter.

blue-based red lipstick

Give a color pop to your eyes by using plum or turquoise shaded mascara on your lower eyelashes, instead of the regular black shade.

An illuminating highlighter on the cupid’s bow of your upper lip can do wonders to make your lip color pop.

Your entire eye area gets a lift when you highlight your brow bone. Avoid using a frosty eyeshadow. Apply a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone at the outer corners of your eye to give an instant lift to your eyes.

Use a lash curler to crimp up the ends of your lash. This will open up the eye even if you have not applied mascara.

When using mascara, remember to dab a brush dipped in glitter eyeshadow on your eyelashes tips, to add a subtle sparkle to your look.

To give instant volume to your eyelashes, use an eyeshadow brush to cover your lashes with translucent face powder. Follow it up with applying mascara.

eyeshadow brush

There are numerous other tips and tricks to instantly give you a makeover. But the above-listed ones are sure shot ones that work without fail each time.

Updated on 06-08-2020

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