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The Best Rituals In The Morning For A Better Day

by Tatiana Plesco
Rituals In The Morning

It is no secret that the way you start the morning set the tone for the entire day, influences the type of energy you will have, experiences that you’ll attract. It is the most important moment of the day, you have to start it correctly. In our busy lives, we need to calculate many times as we can choose how we start our day. We can choose consciously to develop rituals that promote wellness and vitality, or can we remain, prisoners, unconscious patterns and let us start the day on the run eating a pretzel while frantically looking in the bag and other personal items.

The mere awareness of the fact that in our power to choose how we start our day opens new horizons and possibilities and makes us more creative. When we learn to give a new meaning to the most precious moments of the day, we begin to get involved actively and in the rest of the time.
In fact, you need perseverance and you have to view the image as a whole to understand the importance of ritual in the morning and you wake up 30 minutes earlier. It all adds up to a simple question-what will you do to feel better?
Although it’s nice to stay in bed a few minutes after  the alarm clock rings, the morning ritual will create more space and more abundance in the rest of the day, it will help you feel healthier and have a clearer mind, what in the long run, it is more important than a few extra minutes of sleep. Here are six tips to personalize your own morning ritual that will fill your days with meaning, inspiration and this. And don’t forget, there’s no ‘ correct ‘ order.
The most important thing is the one that matters to you. 

1. Create a personal space of your own.

Create a space of your own, special, where you can connect with yourself. Maybe some space in the bathroom, an outdoor place or a colt out of a room. Fill the space with affirmations, works of art or sacred objects that evoke beauty, you inspire and encourage you. Don’t forget, physical space influences the mental space and the spiritual. Organize your outdoor environment to reflect those qualities that you wish to develop them inside you!

2. Hydrate yourself

Hydrate yourself
Appreciate the water that you drink after a night of sleep, the greatest gift you can give your body is a generous serving of water (ideally with a few drops of lemon). Drink slowly and appreciate that you have access to clean water, without any effort. This simple gesture of gratitude a lively tone of annoyance in abundance.

3. Keep going.

Take time to spend 5, 10 or 20 minutes in the morning quietly, without having to write, think or do something. Just be yourself. Enjoy the solitude. Focus on breathing and resist the temptation to analyze and respond to every thought that comes to mind. Often, these moments of silence may create a state of clarity, depth, and integration you need before you start your daily activities.

4. Exercise.

Whether it’s a touring yoga or exercise, a dance to the music of your favorite, give your body to move. Stretch column, freshen up your cells and your blood flowing. Not only that you will feel full of energy physically all day long, but you will freshen your spirit as well.

 5. Establish an intent.

Write your intention
Write your intention the day in a diary, on a board or on a piece of paper. Do your orders among ideas and think about how you want to look on your birthday. What is your goal on that day? There must be something tangible; You can propose only to be helpful to yourself or to do your time to get your creativity manifest. Expression of desires in words directly influences the ability to appreciate them when they become reality.

6. Nourish your body

Tries to start the day with live food, which you load. Both your body and your spirit need it! After you drink the water, take a consistent smoothie or juice and fill your body with the energy it needs to be in top form all day long.

Choose a song to wake up to make you smile. This, along with other healthy habits, starts the day happy and full of good mood.

7. Drink a glass of water

As soon as you wake up drink a glass of water to hydrate and wake up the digestive system and put things in motion. With time you will notice that your skin is clean and your digestion better. As a bonus, put a few drops of lemon or a tablespoon of Apple Cider vinegar from the water.
Drink a glass of water
Don’t check your email or phone for at least an hour after you wake up.  Do you go to sleep with the phone next to you and hurry to open it as soon as you open your eyes? It’s not the best. If you resist the urge to check e-mail and my Facebook account for at least an hour after you wake up, you will discover that you have a clearer mind more focused and that you feel happier.

8. Think of one thing you feel grateful

This will set the tone of a day full of positivism. If you can’t think to three or even five things, the better.
Get out in the open air and breathe deeply and fill your lungs with fresh air. Even if it’s cold outside. Do not take more than 10 seconds! A deep breath you’re remembers vividly and as you breathe.
breathe deeply
No need to do strenuous exercise before breakfast, but any kind of move puts you in motion and circulation finds the body. Do a few stretching moves Or hang on to your favorite music and dance.
Get a healthy breakfast cereal instead of sugar-packed, try to eat something hearty. A glass of orange juice, oatmeal pudding or a delicious smoothie are some good options. And you can prepare quickly.
Repeat your affirmation to look in the mirror and tell yourself something positive. Here are some suggestions:
  • I have confidence in myself.
  • I feel good.
  • Today will be a wonderful day

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