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The Best Way To Maintain A Healthy Weight And Lifestyle

by Tatiana Plesco
Healthy Weight

Ideal weight is not the one that you indicate different calculation methods or modern formulations tend to include all people in the same parameters. We are all different, so each of us ideal weight will be that to which we feel excellent. But to reach this weight and to keep it, you must follow a few steps. Here are our recommendations.

1.   Remove the Sugar

This step is one of the most important that will help you get immediate results. Instead, it takes time, maybe even years, because your taste buds to equilibrate. The first step is to switch to a substitute natural: honey, stevia, etc.

The next step is to gradually reduce foods containing sugar secretly—so high attention to labels. Nowadays, a lot of foods contain sugar in one way or another, from bread till sauces from carbonated drinks up to chewing gum.

2.   Drink water with lemon

Drink water with lemon

If you want to lose weight and, at the same time, keep you in the morning, drink a glass of water with the juice from half a lemon. This will alkalize the body, will clean the toxins and digestive power grow.

3. Get to know your body.

Every time you eat something, and then you feel bloated? Bloating is a sign that your body doesn’t like what you just ate, and he has trouble digesting food. It could be a sign that you do not combine foods properly, and your digestion does not work correctly. Try to eliminate gradually certain foods that give you unpleasant reactions and then pay more attention to the combination of foods.

4. Detox

This is the next step in choosing foods that are good for you and stay away from those that cause inflammation. As an added bonus, eat healthily, and you will lose some kilos. Foods that cause inflammation are dairy products, white sugar, cereals containing gluten, eggs, meat, and some nuts.

5. Choose wholegrain foods

wholegrain foodsWholegrain foods, whether they are the healthiest, featured in both diets and daily food for a person of normal weight.

6. Use the 90-10 rule

If you can’t and don’t want to be very disciplined, choose the option: 90% of the time healthy. The other 10% percent of the time? Indulge yourself a little, and do it without guilt! But take care not to screw up everything you did for the rest of the time.

7. When it comes to the plate, use the 80-20 rule.

The plate should be about 80% of vegetables and a 20% light source of protein or complex carbohydrates. Don’t worry; you’ll be happy and fed.

8. Manage your emotions

Meditate or uses a log to be aware of your emotions. Non-feelings can lead to emotional stress. Grant your every day at least half an hour only for yourself and your thoughts. At least once a week, take a thing that you like very much.

9. Exercise

Find your type of move. This movement must be something that makes you feel good. Rather than follow trends, do what you think we should do. When you find the correct activity workbook, you will, and thus the movement will no longer be so hard a thing to enter in daily activity.

10. Love your body

Love your body, take care of it, the comfort it, and be proud of your beauty! Understand it, listen to it, feed it, rest, and in return, your body will award you.
Updated by editor 5/5/2020

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