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The Big Makeup Trends For 2014

by Tatiana Plesco
The Big Makeup Trends For 2014

Purple is the shade of the year and it is one of the boldest trends to have made waves this season. There are several ways to go bold with lilac. Use it as an eyeshadow, wash it through your hair or flaunt a purple lipstick. They are not ordinary looks but are great for the brave and bold souls. Pastel purples on the upper eyelids and lips along with pastel purple nail art are a great combination.

  • Icy blue aqua eyes:

Use a simple blue eyeliner or an aquatic eyeshadow. You could go for an electric blue shade on the upper eyelids and keep the lower eyelids natural, to get the mermaid look. To make a bold style statement, choose royal blue eyeliner.

  • Fruity orange color:

Orange lipstick is everywhere nowadays and is a chic fashion statement. Neon orange in matte is the shade to watch out for in current fashion circles. Flaunt bold nails in an equally bright and different color like yellow or green, to maximize the look.

  • Fake fashion accessories:

Dramatic false eyelashes are trendy this season with models and celebrities flaunting the feathery eyed look in bright eyelash colors. You get bright and feathery eyelashes for both upper and lower eyelids and it is a total eye-catcher.

Fake fashion accessories

  • Angular eyelids:

Graphic eyeliners in geometric shapes are the flavor of this season, with the popular retro look that looks uber sexy. It takes more efforts than the standard eyeliner look, but when the angular liner is blended with the classic smoky eyes, it gives a classy look. The angular flicks can even be drawn connected to the eye sockets, with no color.

  • Bare face:

Little or no makeup look is very much in trend in 2014 and it is a perfect way for people with flawless complexions to flaunt their natural beauty. A well-conditioned skin with specialized products like Rapid Radiance Balm, MAC Fast Response Eye Cream, No7 Instant Illusions MAC Lip Conditioner, and MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer can be used to achieve this look.

  • Schoolboy eyebrows:

There is no arch and they are blunt looking boyish. This is a minimum maintenance look and is downright bold.

  • White eyeliner:

Apply white eyeliner to your top and bottom eyelids to get a fresh and fun look. Pair it with a hot pink or orange lipstick to get more appeal.

Updated on 10-08-2020

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