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The Common Trends That Men Hate

by Tatiana Plesco
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Though there is no hard and fast rule that men unanimously hate these trends, most men do. So ladies, avoid these mistakes if you want to impress your man rather than turning him off. Compiled here is a list of trends that men hate to see women.

  • Dark lipstick and red lipstick:

Apparently, they make women look older than their real age and therefore they must avoid using such lipsticks as much as possible.

  • Extra long nails:

Nails above the normal length or excessively long are downright gross. Trim your nails, if you value your look.

  • Pajamas in public: 

This is a women’s new fashion trend spotted by some celebrities and no doubt is a huge turn off for men. Put on some outside clothes for a better look.

man hate pajamas in public

  • High waist shorts:

These are a total no-no. If you must wear shorts, wear something with an appropriate waistline as well as length.

  • Gladiator sandals:

Those were meant for gladiators. Not you girl! They make the feet appear too wide and take the attention away from the best features of your foot.

  • Excessive makeup:

Go for a natural look, if you truly want to impress your man. Heavy makeup looks fake and unattractive and should only be used for fashion shows.

  • Sneaker wedges and sneakers:

No, they are not a fashion accessory, but a fashion disaster, according to most men. Avoid using them if you care about your style sense. Avoid wearing sneakers as well, and opt for a classy heel when out with your man.

  • Drawn brows:

Keep your brows shape natural and well plucked rather than drawing on brows. They look totally fake and make your face appear overly dramatic. It should certainly not be part of your lifestyle.

  • Baseball caps:

It is not meant for a cute lady and it makes you look too sporty.

  • Yoga pants:

Aren’t they too short to wear unless you are actually doing yoga?

  • Cupcake fragrance:

Avoid cheesy fragrances like fairy dust and cupcakes. There is no better way to make your man run away.

  • Fishnets:

They never looked good on any woman and never will. So avoid wearing them.

  • Huge hoops:

Unless your hoops match your face size and shape, do not wear them.

  • Sticky lip gloss:

A total no-no when out on a date. Who wants to kiss lips smeared with all that sticky glue?

  • Clear bra straps:

It is clearly visible, so why bother sporting them if you are conscious of the color?

  • Headbands:

You are not a schoolgirl. Headbands are not for grown-up women, simply avoid wearing them.


  • Knock off bags:

Fake bags with designs like they are branded; have it written all over them. Do not try to carry them around as fashion accessories.

  • Black and white stripes:

Will make you look like a zebra. What more can a man say?

  • Giant scarves:

Disproportionate scarves that do not go with your outfit should be avoided at all costs. It is not a great women’s new fashion trend.

man hates big scarves

  • Peplums:

Why does your dress have that extra piece of material hanging in there?

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