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The FUT Hair Transplant to Get over the Problem of Baldness

by Tatiana Plesco
FUT Hair Transplant

The restoration of hair involves the practice of the follicular unit transplant from one part of the head to other that works on the basis of the regrowth of hair naturally. The hair transplant in Canada is the option where one can get the pricey treatment and what factors influence a person to look at another point of consideration towards selecting the decision is the matter of concern. The promotion of the treatment option of the restoration process in India is centrally based on the factor of the cost that is comparatively less and bearable.

The Hair Transplant Technique:

Two methods of hair roots extraction are of two types known as the FUT/strip and the FUE hair transplant. The method is applied to receive the maximum possible number of follicular units to place them in the area where the Androgenic alopecia is affected.

The FUT Hair Transplant:

The FUT hair transplant is a surgical method that caters to the incision and suturing in order to get the strip containing follicular units of the skin in order to collect the needed number of hair roots. The harvested roots are then implanted into the affected bald area of the head.

The Advantages of the FUT Hair Transplant:

  1. The Strength of Giving Higher Number of Hair Roots: The FUT hair restoration offers the best possible number of graft extraction because of the best benefit of the strip use an application that facilitates the opportunity to get the multiple numbers of grafts.FUT Hair Transplant
  2. The Capability of cover the Greater grade with a Higher-density: This technique caters the harvesting of a bigger number of grafts and that is the reason that why a proficient hair transplant Surgeon pick the FUT technique to fulfill the greater grade of baldness.
  3. The FUT gives the Permanent Outcomes: The FUT caters the root extraction from the area, which is DHT-resistant and doesn’t get influenced by the effect of the miniaturization. Therefore, the received result in the procedure is of permanent in nature.

The FUE Hair Transplant:

The FUE extraction caters the dynamic way to extract the roots that are free from the defined angle & direction. This is also known as the blind technique that is based on the forecasting and speculation and can give a wrong result in terms of many of graft damage rate.

The Disadvantages of FUE Hair Transplant:

  1. There is a limitation of Graft Extraction: The FUE hair transplant has a limitation of graft extraction as the random punching process simultaneously decreases the safe donor areas. In FUE, the extraction point needs an aesthetic distance for every punching and compel a Surgeon to target the unsafe areas also.
    FUE Hair Transplant
  2. The Outcome rate in the FUE Hair Transplant is very less & Temporary: The graft/follicular units extracted in the FUE have very less sustainability because of the target zone in the FUE are unsafe that can easily extend to the areas other than the back and sides, results in giving the temporary hair roots. On the other hand, the strength of the graft collection in the FUE hair transplant is very less as 50% of hair roots get damaged due to the dynamic punching process.

Updated: 29 April 2019

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