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The Healing Power Of Nature Sounds

by Tatiana Plesco
Nature Sounds

The natural sounds of the five types of sensations, the sound is the most sensory form contact elevate. Therefore, it is the most appropriate vehicle or carrier of information.

Sounds represent the most appropriate through which communication is achieved in nature.
The sound is the very essence of communication, not only in the human world through speech, but also in the world of birds, animals, fish and even in the world of insects and plants.
Sounds, in what we call language, provide different forms of communication in the living world. In nature, there is a permanent ‘ conversation ‘ between beings and elements that make up one, but most often the sounds emitted are beyond physical thresholds, accessible human being from a sensory point of view, and that’s why we never hear these sounds.
The expression ‘ fish ‘ is silent as, for example, was valid only when it is not, in fact, knew that the fish are very noisy.
Finding food, avoiding hazards, and conduct of mating involves issuing specific sounds beyond the appearance of the human auditory perception.
Acknowledging the world around them only within the limits in which we reveal the physical senses, we are inclined to keep it only to reduce this tension. But the reality (even only the physics) is far beyond the gates of the senses.
The human ear is able to perceive sounds whose frequency is between 16-20000 Hz. Below this scale, there are ‘ infra-sounds ‘ and above ‘ ultrasounds ‘.

Dolphins Understand Quark Sounds

Neither some nor others are not heard by humans. Other animals use these sounds for communication between them. Dolphins understand Quark sounds on frequent lying between 150 000 and 155 000 Hz.
Dolphins understand Quark sounds
[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOsfvjwwe2E”]
Due to this sensitivity, they perceive very small objects in the water. About dolphins are said to be very ‘ talkative ‘ and like talking all the time. Due to communication what is achieved by ultrasound of the deep world is no longer just a world of silence.
Other prohibited use insects, butterflies or infra-sounds. For example, appliances for banished mosquitoes relies precisely on imitating the sound of the alarm of the lot in the infrasonic.
It is therefore easy to imagine the size of the uproar sound that exists in nature and that our ear is protected through the precise determination of the spectrum of sound perception.
Also, the plant world and is sensitive to sounds, so the audible spectrum and beyond. Favorable reactions are known are conserved in the presence of harmonious music and their disapproval when they are bombarded by sounds  of dis harmony.

Plants Generate Certain Sounds

Their presence in the uninvited data of human habits unnatural makes them develop harmoniously and be happy in their specific environment. Plants generate certain sounds.
Plants generate certain sounds
The growth and development of their plant bodies are accompanied by some infrasonic sounds in the area. Simply pass through the grass, which triggers the rustle of grass known ironed, is for the vegetable world universe just like a storm for the sound universe.
Even if these specifications see that frequency band is restricted to human audibility, however in this spectrum, there is a great wealth of sound communication. Any sound must have a source to generate.
There must be a certain movement or vibration to produce and maintain. The existence of harmonious natural sounds is closely related to such pre-existence of certain programs or so phenomena that generate them.
The most affordable and constant that is generated by the flow of a bad is water the murmur. Depending on how the water flow generates a relatively constant sound.
The sound of flowing water is extremely beneficial for human beings who utilize the mostly or even excessive sensory mind and intellect.

Remove Obsessive Thinking

Sound constantly delves into the mind and thus enhance the fluidity of thought and really help to remove obsessive thinking and modes of mental tension due to intellectual efforts.
obsessive thinking
The sound of flowing water also gives human beings a constant dynamism and induce the necessary balance to achieve effective and long-lasting actions. The sound of water flowing from the mountain we wake the tenacity that is able to move mountains out of place.
Another source of natural sound is the wind. It generates specific sounds, through the movement of air entrained or indirect sounds through the rustling leaves of the trees or by penetration in certain tight locations. in general, the sound of the wind is characterized by variability.
Hearing involves careful listening periods alternate with search and waiting periods. Hearing the sound of the wind has a stimulating role.
Add their sounds generated by various phenomena of nature: rain, Thunder, storms, and in particular living beings of nature sounds. The most accessible and most pleasant human ear is the song of the birds.
They say that birds don’t sing for their pleasure for our pleasure. They sing to declare territory. Song of the birds delights us because it gives us a gateway to communicating with the living world of nature.

Song of the Birds

Song of the birds is a way of communicating with the group, many of its significance being deciphered as announcing a territory occupied or call beloved. Song of the birds often emotional meanings which we can receive and process us deeply.
Song of the birds
[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsqr2RJ-bgo”]
After the few copies provided it is important to point out the fact that through the dynamic state of receptivity towards subtle elevate harmonious natural sounds we will also benefit from access to information to the subtle dimension logic them.
More than other types of sensations, perceptions are awakening sound the easiest of meanings into being mentally, psychologically or spiritually. That is precisely why we noted that the development of this availability to listen to the superior nature in our being finds himself also can access much more rapidly towards higher intelligence levels.
Listening to such sounds harmonious natural we can discover until then unsuspected meanings we harmonize extraordinarily long psyche and mind. We notice an improvement of creativity and mental functions and a great deal of vital force that we caught it right through the sounds.
For example, when a friend speaks of a love that I just lived it fully, this feeling we are forward and new and we may condition communicated to him. Similarly, and nature-human friend and help us communicate through sounds, wonderful that you possess.
Chirping birds Park tells us: ‘ come in this world of freedom and beauty ‘, ‘ here is the place for every ‘ or the sound of the falls we transmit that force water from the depths can generate a great deal of inner strength.
Likewise, the wind we communicate what is insightful and dynamic force capacity of life that can enter any place in which human being, takes the form of enthusiasm.

Knowing that I always, every sound is a natural harmonic significance, we are increasingly more attracted by the nature of the universe. We find new and new sources of delight, by the contemplation of the Moon.

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