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The Ideal Skin Care At Cool Temperatures

by Tatiana Plesco
Ideal Skin Care At Cool Temperatures

Icy winds, freezing temperatures and sometimes even snow: Especially during the cold months, the skin would be an extra portion of care. But what really helps and how can you prevent rough spots and flaking skin? The climatic changes in winter are the biggest burden on the skin. In the winter the humidity both outdoors and in the heated indoor spaces is significantly lower than in summer. Therefore mere moisture is released through the skin during the cold months and the skin dries out. In addition, the sebaceous glands of the skin at low outdoor temperatures are less active and do not always produce enough protective skin lipids.

To protect the skin in winter ideal, we recommend that you avoid all influences that lead to increased skin dryness or enhance the lipid deficiency. Therefore, in the cold season, it is best to avoid too long showering or bathing and at high water temperatures. Even aggressive detergents or cleaning products may unnecessarily deprive your skin of moisture. There is one fact that you should know about face skin: It’s one of the body parts, which realizes during the winter month’s the most moisture and protection. Because unlike the rest of the body, the face cannot protect from freezing temperatures. The facial skin’s, therefore, threatens to be dried and cracked even faster, and at worst it even begins to itch. Creams, this is the motto for the cold times. Face creams are the products with high-fat content and moisture-binding substances. Water alone namely harms more than it uses – it makes the skin evaporative additional and dries out the skin even more. Thus agents such as glycerol, urea or Ceramide’s however, save water and protect the skin from drying out.

  • Moisture for the body

Also, your body would need in the winter an extra portion of care. Fatty body lotions or body oils are a rich in cold and wet conditions, the ideal products to keep a smooth skin. Shower oils or bath oils also protect the skin from moisture loss. One should pay attention that in the cold season the cleaning products should be used with particularly mild surfactants. Using shower oil which is high in lipid content helps additionally to maintain the skin, at the same time the epidermal barrier is regenerated. The skin is then protected from further drying out even with daily use. Extra care should be given to the rough areas such as elbows so that no corner would be formed. Tip: It is best to apply the skin lotion or oil just before going to bed because the evening takes the skin care ingredients particularly well.

Moisture for the body

While purchasing body oils and lotions, face cream and in general, all body maintenance products opt always for the organic ones which are chemical free and don’t harm your health. This option will help you and your health thrive, and is also eco-friendly. You can find these products in the organic section of the supermarkets or in the health food stores.

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