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The Map Of Your Face. What Does It Say About Your Health?

by Tatiana Plesco
If eyes are the windows to the soul, then the face could be the window to understanding other eruptions, or issues that affect your body. We refer to the concept of a map of the face, an ancient practice and rooted in the teachings of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.
These ancient teachings use the face as a map to observe the problems that arise in different parts of the body. Let’s take for example the same annoying blemish from the forehead.
A map of the area of the face binds to certain organs or body parts, which allows you to make the appropriate adjustments in diet or lifestyle to get rid of him. Did we get your attention? Dr. Dan Hsu, a doctor in New York, specializing in Oriental medicine, explains more:

Brief History

“The concept map of the face is thousands of years old,” says Dr. Hsu. “A big part of it comes from experience. Today there are all kinds of blood tests, scans, but in the past, doctors had to put a diagnosis on, reaching or putting questions. ” Chinese medicine is of the opinion that all organs have a color temperature and a different taste and is manifested every in a certain way. The liver, for example, is reflected in the eyes. Even today, one of the first symptoms of jaundice (a condition of the liver) are yellowed eyes. “It was now true 2000 years old and is true today,” says Hsu.

How does it work?

Hsu says that facial skin shows a person’s health status. “The body is made up of several systems-the neurological, digestive, lymphatic, to appoint only a part of them — and all of these systems are interconnected,” he explains. “it’s very difficult for one to be affected without even having to affect others.” It says that the map of the face is a way of checking what’s happening inside the body, considering the fact that every part of the body corresponding to certain organs (as in the previous example with the liver). “In Chinese medicine, we take the body as a whole and check how it all works together”.
But let’s see what we can tell the map face…
  • The skin above the eyebrows

According to Chinese medicine, the area above the eyebrows has connections with the bile and the liver. If you have breakouts in this area, try to eat fewer processed foods and eating to reduce fat, especially belly fat cooked.
  • Between eyebrows

 Hsu says that the flares between eyebrows signify that you drink or smoke too much or eat too many consistent foods. “Reduce hearty foods, butter, cheese or snacks at midnight,” he suggests. “Exercise more and sleep more.
  • Nose

The nose, not surprisingly, has to do with the lungs and heart. To relieve hives of this area, Hsu recommends a reduction of spicy foods, meat products, and salt and replace them with fruits, vegetables, nuts (which are full of good fats such as omega-3 and 6). If you have frequent nose rashes, check your blood pressure and the level of vitamin B — Hsu says that B vitamin intake can contribute to combating the eruptions.
  • The left cheek

“Chinese medicine puts great emphasis on splitting parts, left and right,” says Hsu. If you have problems on the left side of the face, we recommend eating some food that those practicing Chinese medicine we call “soft foods” — melon, cucumber, and others of its kind. The left side is more related to the liver, which, as we say, Hsu, It’s more vulnerable between one and five in the afternoon. “If you have eruptions on the left side of the cheek, try to avoid the intense effort in that time frame,” advises he.
  • The Right Cheek

Hsu says that the right cheek is more related to the lungs. He recommends aerobic exercises and breathing exercises early in the morning to strengthen the lungs. The right side of the cheek is more strongly influenced by sugar. “If you have rashes right cheek, I’d recommend reducing the consumption of sweets and wine, taro and fruits of the sea,” says Hsu.
  • Your Mouth

If you suffer from rashes or irritations around the mouth, the food is to be blamed, of course. The mouth area is associated with the liver and intestines. Hsu recommends reducing the spicy, fried foods and increasing the intake of fiber, fruits, and veggies.
  • Chin

“Modern Acupuncturists would say that if you have rashes on your chin, you need to check your hormone levels,” says Hsu. “And stress may be causing these eruptions.” Recommend Peppermint tea and omega-3 for their killers, as well as an analysis of the hormone level.
Updated: 30 April 2019

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