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The Men’s Cafe Racer Leather Jacket Can Be the Best Decision You Make

by Tatiana Plesco
Racer Leather Jacket

A Little Background on a Leather Jacket!

Leather jackets are known to be the classic apparel that has stayed in the wardrobe of every man. It has been one of the fanciest apparel that every man has flaunted throughout the years; the hype of this particular overwear is unparalleled to that of any other winter apparel. As they pique people’s interest for a certain period of time, but these outer layers are admired by people of every age at all times. Although there are several leather jackets that come under the tree of this apparel, the class of mens cafe racer leather jacket is unmatchable to that of any other jacket. 

After spending 2020 in your PJs, Cotton shorts, and worn-out tees, it is high time that you elevate your wardrobe by adding something valuable. And what could be of great value other than a Cafe Racer Jacket? As it contains everything that you need to boost your regular outfit. This beguiling clothing article is all about creating an influential aura with your compelling personality and prodigious choice of clothing. Adding apparel that brings out the finest in your personality is the most beneficial thing that you could do. With the fine details of this jacket, you can rock this apparel anywhere you want without putting in much effort. 

However, we all know that leather is a luxury apparel and comes on a bit pricy side. And investing in apparel without enough knowledge on it could turn out to be one of the scariest things. In order to save you from making such decisions, our guide is here to assist you while you make the most valuable decision of your life. 

Things to consider before buying a leather jacket 

As we each are extremely aware of the fact that investing money in leather jackets can get quite expensive, but does that mean that we shouldn’t invest at all? However, we should be investing money after analyzing the details of that apparel, which also includes wearability and versatility. And these things are not restricted to leather jackets only; it includes every other apparel. One more thing that you must be well aware of is that investing money doesn’t hurt all if the outcome is worth it. 

However, there are several things that you must know before you buy a leather jacket. These things will not only save you from making an impulsive decision but also help you get the right jacket that’ll fit your needs. 

Is it a Perfect Fit?

Although this might sound obvious but is it actually? How many times do you wear a jacket and make sure it has a perfect fit from shoulders or waist? We all miss out on that detail, thinking that a little bit loose or tight won’t hurt much, but in reality, it does. An overly fitted jacket won’t just make you feel uncomfortable, but it’ll also sabotage the aura of that jacket. In contrast, the loose jacket will take away your chance to daunt the attire. There is one thing that we cannot compromise on, and that is its fittings. To make sure that you’re getting a perfect size, wear the jacket and analyze its key features, shoulder, length, sleeves, and waist. 

You can also get these measurements done by the professional and use them accordingly while you are ordering a leather jacket from a website. Luckily most of these websites have a chart that’ll help you out in measuring your perfect fit jacket. 

Is it Genuine Leather?

Imagine investing in a leather jacket but not getting the genuine leather? It hurts, right? Before you take your shot and buy a leather jacket, just make sure that it is original. Although genuine leather might hurt your pocket a bit, we can guarantee you that it is worth every penny; if we draw a comparison, genuine leather will last you for years while the fake one will scramble in months. Buying genuine leather is better than buying fake leather that you’ll need to change every now and then. And can we already talk about the fit that only genuine leather can bring? A perfect fit and exquisite outlook of a leather jacket are not possible if that leather is not original. Real leather will make the heads turn and emblem your position. 

The real problem comes in when you don’t know how to identify the real leather; in order to help you with this, we have all the points that you need. 

Step One!

The first step to identify if the leather is genuine or not is the label. If the leather is genuine, it’ll come with a tag that’ll say ‘100% leather,” but if your leather jacket isn’t genuine, it’ll say “Man-Made Material” or something that doesn’t guarantee you the realness of the jacket. Another thing that you must note is the price tag. Although we all love to get our hands on things that come at low prices, you simply cannot expect this from original leather. If the price is low, then it surely is faux leather. Sad but true!

Step Two!

Make sure you have a close look at the leather jacket before you make that purchase. If the surface of your leather jacket is smooth and does not contain any blemishes and texture, then we’re sorry, but it isn’t the real leather but a faux one.

Real leather comes from animals, and having texture and blemishes is a sign of good quality leather. The surface of genuine leather will include a lot of texture, and you must be well aware of the fact that the original leather is full of imperfections.

Step Three!

In order to make sure that the leather that you have is original, all you need to do is to touch it. You may be informed of the fact that leather is made up of natural material, then you must also know that it doesn’t come with a smooth texture when you touch it. The surface of a pure leather jacket is rough and creased. Whereas the faux leather will come with an unnaturally smooth texture. Also, when you stretch faux leather, it doesn’t wrinkle like genuine leather, but it depresses under your skin and gets back to its original space after a moment. 

Step Four!

The last step to spot fake leather is by its smell. However, we cannot vouch over one particular smell. It has a synthetic or a plasticky smell that tells that this material isn’t made from natural material. Whereas real leather comes with a distinctive smell, or we can say a leathery smell. It smells more like skin or a substance that comes naturally from nature. 

Does it have space?

The last thing that you must consider before buying a leather jacket is its pockets. This is one of the most ignored factors when it comes to buying a leather jacket. Having apparel that you’re about to flaunt on an almost regular basis that does not have enough space is spurious. And when that leather jacket is Cafe Racer Jacket, the emphasis on pockets rises. The outlook of this jacket talks about the necessity of storage. It is essential for the overall look of this jacket to include pockets as they bless the outfit with class and details. 

Furthermore, if you are about to buy a cafe racer jacket, make sure it has space. Not only on the outsides but on the insides too. The intricate details of the pockets on the front side of the jacket give this outer layer a daunting look when you wear them. 

Celebrities who Fancy Racer Jacket

Kendell Jenner!

This supermodel from America is known as the socialite and media personality. This famed model started her journey way long, but fame was brought into her life after the popular reality shows Keeping up with Kardashians. She began her campaign in the industry at the age of 14, giving us some memorable shows. But her noteworthy success lies in the fashion industry. 

She is recognized as the queen of the Fashion Industry, with several designers approaching her to do their next show. And why wouldn’t they? With the class that she offers to their clothes, it is worth everything. After acknowledging the style and grace of this A-star model, you won’t be disappointed to know that the favorite apparel of this model is the cafe racer jacket. This apparel is an intrinsic addition to her attire whenever she is out. She has been papped wearing some of the most resplendent leather jackets on the streets of New York!

Tom Cruise

Talking about leather jackets and not mentioning Tom Cruise doesn’t sit well. This top actor of Hollywood is everything from classy to jaunty, and to rock his style; the cafe racer jacket is a must. This actor is about flaunting his true style no matter what the event is, as he has been seen wearing his semi-formal look with an extrinsic addition of a leather jacket. 

This notorious personality from Hollywood has made it to the highlights of various magazines for his style and grace. People have now added the main hero for his attire into their wardrobe, that is, none other than a cafe racer jacket.  

Victoria Beckham

This queen is known for her style, grace, and panache; owning her clothing line, she has set the expectations of viewers rightly. And you won’t be surprised to know that this celebrity has made a cafe racer jacket essential apparel of her wardrobe as she has been seen flaring her style like a true diva on several events or when she is out with her family on dinners. Leather jackets all in are her favorite apparel that she flaunts every now and then. 

David Beckham

This heartthrob has managed to win the hearts of his fan with his dapper attitude and exquisite style. His style includes everything from exclusive to magnificent as it has a leather jacket as a part. He has been seen flaunting these exclusive leather jackets on events and on streets and setting a panache of style. 

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is all about comely style with the addition of swag. This star celebrity has evolved his style throughout the years and has managed to come up with the best of style. This notorious celebrity has given some of the most exclusive films. Brad Pitt has managed to win the hearts of his fans with his expertise in acting. And we just cannot forget about his panache and dainty style. The overall outlook of this apparel has turned out to be everyone’s favorite. 

His overall attire includes a leather jacket and denim, along with a dash of attitude. This ravishing outlook has everything that you want to flaunt in front of your friends. 

How to Style Racer Jacket 

Keep It Casual!

The best way to style your classy cafe racer leather jacket is to pair it with a plain white shirt and denim. This classic look will make you the sensation of the group, but if you want to add extra sass to your casual apparel, then you can add a black T-shirt with knee ripped shirt. Pair this apparel with some classy boots, and you’re done with your exquisite look. Combine a dash of charm to your overall outlook by accessorizing it with a wristwatch. 

Style it For Semi-Formal!

Styling this magnificent leather jacket for your semi-formals is one the best things that you could do to your overall attire. A plain button-down shirt and cotton pants would do justice to your exquisite jacket. You can also wear this popular apparel with a denim button-down shirt and black chino pants to make your regular apparel elegant in order to add grace to your Semi-Formal attire; pair this jacket with a plaid shirt and grey khakis. And while you are at it, don’t forget to wear your confidence like the dapper you are. 

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