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The Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures for Women

by Tatiana Plesco
Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is the fastest growing field in the United States as plastic surgeons like Dr. Thomas Pane now perform two million procedures annually. In just a decade, procedures have also increased by more than 90 percent. Here are the most popular plastic surgery procedures that women opt for.


It should not come as a shock that liposuction is the most popular surgical procedure. From births to weight loss, fat suction from problematic areas is the preferred method for getting a slimmer shape. The surgery uses a saline solution to constrict blood vessels as a patient is given a numbing agent into the targeted treatment area. The liquids and fat are then suctioned out of the body using a cannula, which is a thin metal instrument.

Breast Augmentation, Reduction or Lift

Hundreds of thousands of women are opting for augmentations, reduction and breast lifts than ever before. Breast augmentations enlarge the breasts or make them asymmetrical. Today, about 80 percent of women choose saline implants while silicone is still preferred by about 20 percent of patients who say they have a more realistic look and feel.

breast augmentation

Women who opt for a reduction do so for a number of reasons including appearance and complaints of posture and back pain. Reductions reduce breast size and weight. Lifts are done for women who experience sagging breasts after weight loss or breastfeeding. A breast lift is an excellent choice for those who also want a perkier appearance.


Rhytidectomy is popular among women who experience wrinkles, baggy eyelids, and sagging skin often associated with aging. Plastic surgeons will perform facelifts to tighten the skin and smooth out any signs of aging to restore a youthful appearance. Along with a rhytidectomy, patients also get a forehead lift as well.


A woman will choose to have a nose job for cosmetic reasons to enhance their facial appearance, size or shape. It is also done for medical issues like a deviated septum.


Forehead or Eyebrow Lift

A forehead lift gently smooths out the skin to remove creases and wrinkles. A brow lift also redefines the skin around the eyes, forehead and upper eyelids. Women choose to target the wrinkles in between their eyes as well. A plastic surgeon will also raise the eyebrows to give patients younger, smoother skin.


The shaping of the eyelid is done cosmetically or to improve patient vision when sagging skin obstructs vision. It also reduces the effects of aging when the skin around the eyes sag or suffers from wrinkling and puffiness, which cause long-term “bags” to form.



Tummy tucks, or abdominoplasty, are popular as women choose this procedure to tighten or remove the extra abdominal skin after a birth or a substantial amount of weight loss. Women will choose an abdominoplasty when they do not have excess fat but rather want to shape the stomach by removing the excess skin that hangs on the body.

As most of these surgeries are cosmetic procedures, many of the candidates pay out-of-pocket which has helped make it more affordable and accessible to women around the country.

Updated: 30 March 2019

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